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Guide | Want to use Matters conveniently on your phone, here is a great way

Matters.News provides PWA (Progressive Web App), allowing users to operate Matters on their mobile phones with an app-like experience.

Matters.News has not yet launched an official mobile app, but the team has provided another way, PWA (Progressive Web App), so that users can operate Matters on their mobile phones with an app-like experience.

This article will share three ways to let you use Matters on your phone, tablet, and computer.

Mobile and tablet operation

1. Open on your mobile browser (eg safari)

2. Find "Add to Home Screen" at the bottom of the screen and click Add

3. After adding, the Matters entry will appear on your mobile page

computer operation

1. Open on a browser (eg chrome) and find the "Install" button in the URL bar

2. Press down, the PWA page will pop up, and you can start using Matters

3. After the installation is complete, the computer will pop out of the folder saved by the PWA (as shown in the figure). You can drag the PWA to the desktop, which is a very useful shortcut!

The above is how to use Matterse PWA smoothly on mobile phones, tablets and computers. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area of this article, or send a letter to [email protected]

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