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Hello. As I am, I do the post again, a person who is used to deviating from the achievement of the goal. My motto is: "We will make the world a better place!" a lot of time has passed since I learned about decentralization, and I still admire this idea, despite all the difficulties in achieving this real decentralization. So I have been doing blockchain all this time trying to contribute part of the tremendous work of achieving fairness around the world. I am an experienced node validator who was able to help and continue to help genius developers in testing their ecosystems and integrating them into our daily life, as I continue to participate in the project after the testnet is closed. My goal is not just to get into the main network of the ecosystem, but to provide as much information as possible on the testnet. Mainnet is a recognition and reward for my efforts to improve the world around us. I can call myself an enthusiast since 2015, I have accepted and continue to take part in more than 20 testnets and mainnets. I have nodes on major networks like Solana, MinaProtocol, XX-network, Microtick, Syber, Desmos, and a few more. I also try to populate decentralized networks on social networks, among my acquaintances and friends. I am an ambassador for major projects such as MoonBeam and The Graph. And I am constantly trying to contribute to a future that cannot exist without decentralization and confidentiality. In addition to everything, I can add that I will apply all my strength and capabilities in order for my work to help launch as much as possible new, necessary, and beneficial to all of us, because we are human and must fight for something in that we believe, only together. No matter how we MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER!

My Validators address: https://likecoin.bigdipper.live/validator/cosmosvaloper1azwnp4wf5mrvjt0y2n9p5wmkfrvpwsgecudgnn/delegations

Thank you.


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