How to correct wide-angle lens distortion

Wide-angle lenses require more awareness of distortion than standard and telephoto lenses. However, if you use it well, you can take overwhelmingly dynamic pictures that go beyond the human field of view. If you remember the characteristics and shoot, you will surely be able to shoot with satisfaction. Keep in mind that distortion will be suppressed from the stage of holding the camera, and aim to create a convincing work without making fine adjustments with editing software.

How to correct wide-angle lens distortion

It is important to take the picture with the utmost care so that the picture is not distorted. However, in recent years, processing and editing technology has evolved, so it is possible to eliminate distortion by using the correction function. The correction is mainly performed by the following two methods.

Correct with the function in the camera

The name of the camera may differ depending on the manufacturer, but it has a function called "lens optical correction". This means that the camera reads the distortion information of the attached lens and corrects it. Lenses for single-lens reflex cameras are generally made so that there is no distortion only by optical design, but lenses for mirrorless single-lens cameras are designed with a correction function for miniaturization. Things are increasing. If you have never used it, turn on the lens optical correction function. However, please note that the correction function may not work on older models of film cameras and digital cameras if the latest lens information is not included. Even if you are using the latest camera, check the firmware update information frequently.

Correct with editing software on your computer

You can use photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to make corrections after shooting. Especially in Photoshop, if the photo contains lens data, you can easily remove the distortion with a function called "wide-angle correction filter". Although Photoshop is charged, free RAW development software is currently distributed by each camera manufacturer. Try each one and find the one you like. However, distortion correction in editing software is not a panacea that can correct any distortion. It's best to use it as a supplement after taking pictures with little distortion.

How to shoot without distortion even if you use a wide-angle lens for each shooting scene

Here, we will explain how to shoot with minimal distortion for each shooting scene using a wide-angle lens.

In a group photo, gather in the center and shoot from a high place

According to DZOptics, in group photography, it is important to gather in the center as much as possible. If it spreads to the limit and people are placed in the four corners, it will be stretched diagonally and the image will not be correct. Also, wide-angle lenses emphasize perspective, so it is best not to spread them in the front-back direction. Even if you make an angle up and down, it will be distorted, so you can minimize the size and distortion of the subjects by going up to a high place such as a tripod or scaffolding and projecting the subject on a flat surface as much as possible.

Use a tilt shift lens for building photography

When shooting a building, a "tilt shift lens" that can shift the optical axis inside the lens is sometimes used. The tilt shift lens is equipped with a "tilt mechanism" that changes the angle of the lens barrel and a "shift mechanism" that moves the lens barrel itself up and down, and is mainly used by professionals such as architectural photographers. If you keep the camera horizontally and vertically, you can move the lens barrel upward with the shift mechanism when the upper part of the building cannot be captured, and you can put it in the composition without changing the angle of the camera. The tilt mechanism is also used to adjust the focus surface and distortion by changing the angle with a table photo.

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