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Amount / number / quantity 有什麼不一樣​?​ 66% 的人都搞錯。

amount/number/quantity 怎麼使用才對?

小測驗 Quiz:
We provide a discount of 30% on ____ of not less than 200.​
(A) quantities​
(B) numbers​
(C) amounts​


We provide a discount of 30% on quantities of not less than 200. ​

只有 34% 的人答對。​

文法解說 : amount

amount + uncountable nouns 不可數名詞​
a/the adj + amount of + U.noun ​
amounts of + U.noun ​


・She eats an unbelievable amount of food.​

・They didn’t deliver the right amount of sand.​

・He paid regular amounts of money to a charity.​

​文法解說 : number

number + intangible statistics 摸不著的數據​
a + number of + N. + plural verb​
the + number of + N. + singular verb​

後面不一定要加動詞,但如果有的話,就照上面的規則。It’s optional to add a verb behind, but if there’s a verb, then use the rule above. 


・A large number of schemes have been demonstrated.​

・A number of issues were discussed.​

・The number of injuries was unclear.​

・The number of cases is still rising.​

​​文法解說​: quantity

quantity + specific stuff 具體物品​
​quantities of + N. + plural verb ​

​・Police found a small quantity of drugs in his possession.​

・A large quantity of clothing was stolen from the shop.​

・The quantity of food in the depot is overwhelming.​

・Computers can handle vast quantities of data.​

・Vast quantities of plastics are accumulating in the oceans.​

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