"King Xi" was at the end of the road, and kept making money with Hpay

"King Xi" was at the end of the road, and kept making money with Hpay

Hpay, Hcoin, Hdollar are all knocking on the bone and sucking the marrow, the ants should wake up

Today is the eighth day of the first lunar month in the Chinese lunar calendar. Guo Wengui's vigorous so-called "Sweet Honey" campaign was aborted and became a big joke at the beginning of the Year of the Tiger. But Guo Wengui has long been accustomed to slaps in the face, and still enjoys making money in the live broadcast room. No, Hpay is "struggling" again. "Brother Bullying" spit all over the GTV live broadcast, and Wang Po sold melons and boasted, lying that Hpay will be the only way for Chinese people to put money and transfer money safely in the world in the future, claiming that it can be used anywhere in the world, and Continue to sell hunger marketing and call on "comrades" to use WeChat Alipay to buy Hdollar/Hcoin to achieve financial freedom. Hpay can't withdraw cash and add value, let alone investment, "Guo Jiaozhu" began to grab money.

Guo Wengui has used the "Breakthrough Revolution" in the past few years to deceive a lot of money. The money in the ants' pockets has become the capital of the life of the "Plague Tortoise". A handful of bitter tears of ant powder, with nowhere to complain, smashed teeth and swallowed blood. According to the experience of these years, how big the Wengui cake is, how deep is the trap dug for the believers. Unsurprisingly, Hpay, Hcoin, and Hdollar are in an endless loop, and they are all real money and silver. A Ponzi scheme that only gets in and out. A few days ago, the Apple Store made it clear that Hpay is just a game gift card, which can only be consumed in the happy circle after purchase, or transferred to other members of this consumer circle to buy Gfashion, a street stall. You can avoid this pit, but there is always a pit that suits your appetite, and no earthling can stop Guo Wengui's deception. The new year has begun, and it's time to revamp the tricks. This Hpay, who was blown up by Guo Wengui, has disappeared, but he has already set up a net for his "comrades in arms".

Guo Wengui threatened that H-Pay was a sharp knife inserted into the liver of the CCP's high-level relatives. Whoever stopped this action would be a spy and a pseudo-type, and he said that if the ant fans did not cooperate and did not put the interests of their comrades first, they would be at their own risk. At that time, the 10 cents that Xilian can give to the bitter owner will be cleared in accordance with legal actions, and then legal measures will be taken to freeze it for you. Freezing does not guarantee that you will be able to return in the future. While H-Pay was still in the womb, Guo Wengui has already regarded it as a golden rooster that lays golden eggs. Various routines are coming, and the thugs of various farms have been arranged to verify the coins, check the investment of the ants and prepare to harvest the wool. The so-called legal basis is all created by Guo Wengui's mouth, and it is the rhythm of robbery with naked flames.

Guo Wengui, who was running at the end of the road, has already deceived money and deceived his eyes. He has created one mirage after another. It is a lure, a threat, a guarantee, and an oath. All the means are used to make the believers tremble with fear and fog. Li began to doubt life and didn't know where to go. All this is enough to prove that the plague turtle has become addicted to accumulating money, and he tried every means to take out the last bit of instant noodles in the pocket of ant powder, and the bloodthirsty nature of knocking the bone and sucking the marrow is undoubtedly exposed. The fat-headed and big-eared "Brother Bully" with the Buddha's name is always a devil who eats people and doesn't spit out bones. The dream of ant fans to get rich overnight is completely shattered. There is no news of the coffin, and the tears of sadness flow upstream. Chao mistakenly got on the boat of pirates, and he was a lamb to be slaughtered all his life.

The sins committed by God can be forgiven, but the sins committed by oneself cannot be lived. Recently, the ruling of the judge in Guo Wengui's contempt of court case has been settled, and "Guo Jiaozhu" must immediately pay PAX $134 million, which is $500,000 per day from May 15, 2021 to February 7, 2022 , the amount due to PAX Corporation will continue to accrue at a rate of $500,000 per day until it returns Lady May to jurisdiction. Such a sentence can be said to have given Guo Wengui a piercing arrow, and it has also given many sober ant fans a little hope, and the balance of law has begun to tilt in favor of ants.

Troubled both at home and abroad, fraught with lawsuits, and heavily in debt, "King Xi" is like a grasshopper in the autumn, and he can't stumble a few times. I advise those ants who have been deceived from the beginning to the end that it is time to wake up, take up the weapon of the law as soon as possible, and "join divisions" with sober "comrades in arms" to recover their hard-earned money. It should be noted that those who save themselves will be saved by heaven, those who abandon themselves will be abandoned by heaven, and those who are reluctant to bear the beauty of the mirage will eventually become cannon fodder on the road of swindling by the plague tortoises.


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