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【AUDIO DOCUMENTARY】 3 分 20 秒 ׀ 記 2019 年 6 月 12 日 中信大廈外 ׀ 聲音紀錄片 ׀ Documentary ׀ The WELL

三年前的今天,2019 年 6 月 12 日,警方 3 時許投放第一枚催淚彈。白色的煙霧瀰漫在政府總部的上空,全副武裝的防暴警察從龍滙道兩側同時推進,並多次向人群施放催淚彈、布袋彈、及橡膠子彈。數百名示威者被困在中間,惟中信大廈門口緊閉,示威者不斷哀求大廈內保安開門。



3 years ago today, on 12th June, 2019, was the day that police fired the first tear gas at around 3pm. White mist filled up the sky above the Government Secretariat. Advancing on Lung Wui Road bilaterally, heavily armed riot police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and beanbag rounds repeatedly at the crowd. Hundreds of protesters were trapped in the middle. Protesters kept begging security forces inside to open the closed entrance to the CITIC Tower.

During the period, the sound of tear gas was non-stop, along with the citizens' cries and calls for help. When the tower opened its door, the crowd swarmed to the narrow door. Some of the protesters were trapped outside, causing a danger of trampling, just like a scene of a disaster.

At that time, being in the crowd outside the tower, the photographer was also enveloped in the pungent smoke from the fired tear gas. The camcorder could not be lifted up, but kept rolling. The moment of chaotic escape was then recorded on audio.

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