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Xiaoshan is not small

Uncle Amerida ran a small grocery store alone in a corner of the block, relying on small capital to make a small profit to make a living. During the lunch break that day, a young man named Roy came to the grocery store and bought a bottle of condiments. Roy came to Port-au-Prince from other places not long ago to work, and often patronizes Uncle Amerida's grocery store. one hour later. Uncle Amerida suddenly realized that he had made a mistake: What Roy wanted was the most expensive of that brand, and what he gave Roy was the cheaper one. Thinking of this, Uncle Amerida was very upset. Although his lunch was being cooked in the pot, and Roy had probably opened up the condiments after he returned, Uncle Amerida decided to change a bottle for Roy. Taking a bottle of condiments, Uncle Amerida left the grocery store and walked for more than 20 minutes to Roy's residence. There are many rental houses here and a large number of outsiders live. It was during the lunch break. Uncle Amerida didn't know which house Roy lived in. Because he was worried that the food on his stove would burn, he opened his throat and called Roy's name. Many people who were taking a nap, naturally including Roy, were awakened. They didn't know what was happening, so they went out to check.

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