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The story of a king and a gold coin

In the past, there was a king named Nanda who planned to search all the treasures of the whole country into the palace in order to continue to enjoy the blessings after his death. In order to achieve this goal, he actually placed his daughter on the brothel, and all the money obtained was returned to the national treasury. After such a deliberate search, all the treasures and coins of the whole country are piled up in the treasury. There was a young man who saw the princess's extraordinary appearance, and developed a heart of admiration, but because of the poverty of his family, he was unable to meet the princess. The mother loved her son very much, and said to him: "Your father had a gold coin in his mouth after he died. You can open the grave and get that gold coin."

The son dug up his father's grave, took out gold coins, and dedicated them to the princess. When the king saw the gold coin handed over by the princess, he summoned the young man and asked: "The treasures of the country are in the treasury. Where did you get this gold coin? You must have found the treasure!" The young man told the king, "I do No treasure was found. It was my mother who told my father that he had a gold coin in his mouth when he died. I opened my father’s tomb and got the gold coin.” The king sent someone to check the matter carefully before he believed it. This incident made the king very shocked, "I can't take a gold coin, can I use so many treasures?"

Money is something outside of the body.


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