Mentorship | 寻找导师







We all know a good mentorship will benefit both parties involved. But a lot of the time, we(as mentee) don’t know where to find the right mentor, or even if we have someone in mind but dare not to ask. Taking initiative is your own responsibility.

The company I work with has mentorship program. I tried to sign up for mentee once. As an industry veteran, the organizer took it for granted that I should be a mentor instead of mentee. They paired me with an associate who was looking for mentorship. But it really didn’t work for both of us. We didn’t even get chance to meet as I sensed unwillingness from the mentee. I guess she was also very disappointed with the arrangement as she didn’t need someone who does the same function as her.

My career has been stagnant for years. Even though I’ve been trying very hard working with my manager to develop my individual career development plan, and also expressed my willingness to take on more responsibilities. The opportunities are just not there for me. My contribution and value has always been highly recognized, but I guess it’s not high enough for a promotion. I am looking for qualifications that I may have missed, and I need a mentor who’s able to guide and help me mapping out a strategy.

I have never had a real mentor before. I looked into my network and tried to identify the best person to be my mentor. Am glad that I found one! He’s a highly respected veteran and has great knowledge and capabilities, he’s very caring and willing to give. He has all the qualifications that I am looking for in a mentorship. I had never approached anyone before for mentorship. Wasn’t sure if he would be interested in the mentorship and if he’s at a position to give with current climate. I would’ve never known if I hadn’t tried.

To my great happiness and gratefulness, he came back to me and accepted me as his mentee. Such joyful. I look forward to the mentorship and hopefully it would help me to develop my career, and also benefits him. A good mentorship is supposed to be of mutual benefits.