Location, Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. 地点,加拿大,阿尔伯塔省德兰赫勒镇,皇家泰瑞尔博物馆。

Time, August, 2017. 时间,2017年8月。

Road trip from Edmonton to Drumheller, saw some cow on the road as we stopped and trying to watch them, looks like the head cows were really alarmed, staring at us all the time. Never been observed by so man cows in my life, lol.


Canada have very good environment, a lot of random pictures can be used as the background picture on desktop. Tony is very happy in grandparents' arms.


Arrived Drumheller, we can see what is the main point in the town since the land mark have a dinosaur with it.


The front door of Royal Tyrrell Museum皇家泰瑞尔博物馆的正门。

Found in 1985, the same age with me, lol. 1985建成的,和我一样大。。。(暴露年龄)

The first after enter the museum, "Real Dinosaurs", lol. 进博物馆的第一眼就看到了真的恐龙。。。哈哈

A huge hand. 一只大手。

Pterosaur bone in a stone. 镶在岩石中的翼龙。

Tony said, I am scared. 刀刀说,我怕。

The evolution of human. 人类进化史。

The treasure of the museum, The Black Beauty, known to the world by the black color of the fossil of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Employee is showing us how to deal with the fossil. 工作人员妹子在给大家展示这么处理化石。

Lab in the museum, a little better than mine, lol. 博物馆的实验室,看起来比我的高级一点点,哈哈。

The one can swim. 水里游的。

The Mammoth is Real. 看来猛犸象真的存在过。

Some big ones from the second floor. 从二楼看到的几只大的。

A sponge structure, please do not think other way, lol. 海绵体,大家可不要想歪了哈。

A kid Yang Wenjia drew this, so good. 主题画展Yang Wenjia小朋友画的很好。

Eryops, a little ugly. 蚓螈,略丑。

Dimetrodon. 帆龙

A huge leg. 好大一腿,哈哈,暴露身高了。。。

Ornitholestes, looks like this one can catch the bird. 嗜鸟龙,貌似会抓鸟。。。不是那个抓鸟。。。

Stegosaurus. 剑龙。

Forgot the names, lol, all the terminology is so long. 记不住名字了,各种恐龙的英文单词好难记。。。

The gift shop, I was intend to buy a pair of shoes for Tony, but he did not like them. 礼品店,本来想给刀刀买一双恐龙鞋,无奈他不喜欢。

Another famous site of Drumheller, the hoodoos. 德兰赫勒镇的另一景观,风蚀蘑菇。

Thank you all for your support and time. 感谢大家的支持。


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