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就大概记录了下最后几分钟 20:37, 觉得有歧义的看这个吧,非专业翻译,请大家勘误。
Q: Are you fighting for independence or you're fighting for your freedom ?
A: I believe that's there are no conflicts between the two and then I believe that's among all the protesters there certainly some of them are advocating Hong Kong independence.
Q: That never happen, you know that.
A: - while some protesters do not really agree with Hong Kong independence.
Q: Do you agree with Hong Kong independence ?
A: I think it's one of the way for us to have a better Hong Kong.
Q: - But do you support one country two systems?
A: I don't think under the rule of the Communist Party we have the true one country two system to be practised.
我不认为在共产党的领导下我们会有真正的一国两制 (不,我不認同一國兩制,
Q: So you feel that there is in fact what you're saying is that there's no hope the current situtaion of one country two systems?
A: That's why so many teenagers come out because they can not see any hope they can not find any way out other than going to the streets and express their voices.
Q: But that is distressing to hear because most of the guests young people have had here before never said that they supported a separation or independent they supported one country two systems but they want to perserve the freedoms that Hong Kong has, right ? And they didn't say they wanted anything more than that but you're saying that they want something more than that ?
但这一点令人痛苦,因为我们之前访问绝大多数年轻人,从未说过他们支持分裂或独立,他们支持一国两制,但他们想要保有香港的自由,对吧? 他们并没有说他们想要更多的(独立),但是你说他们想要更多? (我以前訪問過你的戰友們,他們都認同一國兩制的。
A: I would say some of the protesters believe that Hong Kong inependence is a way out yeah but not all the protesters.
Q: But it's not a way out because it's not gonna happen you know that.
A: hmm, and then I would say if you if you would like to pursue the democracy in Hong Kong (and the system of the)under the one country two system in the current situation I can not say how we can like really get our freedom safeguard under this kind of situation.
如果想在目前一国两制的情况下追求香港民主,我认为在目前的(一国两制)情况下,我们不能真正保障我们的自由。 (一國兩制,那是無自由的。