嘗試寫寓言故事 Fb粉專: 連續三場活動都突破50000獎金,最高上限



Place: Street, park, outside of restaurant, home

(He will walks in the day and reach restaurant at night.

Props: Mobile, laptop.


Venu stand outside his home and check his map in mobile.

He cheers up to himself.

Venu: I can do it.  

He start walk everywhere on the street.


He stops at a park. Girl sits on the chair and use mobile. Venu stand near the girl and confused with his map

Venu(Narrators): oh no. where I am now? There is a girl. Should I ask her about it?

The girl looks at the Venu while using the mobile.

The girl: Hey guy, what’s wrong with you? You stand here more than 10 mins.

Venu: SO….Sorry. I can’t get a restaurant. 

The girl: Do you need a help?

Venu: ye… yes..

Venu show his mobile to the girl.

The girl: Oh I know this place. You need to go straight and turn left then turn right. After that keep go straight. Then turn left. You will reach the restaurant.

Venu: o..ok. Th…thank you.

The girl tell venu how to go restaurant, but Venu still confused and keep finding restaurant.


Venu reach the restaurant at night.

He stands outside of restaurant and suddenly he sees the girl.

The girl also come this restaurant.

Venu(Narrators): Finally, I reach. The girl also comes here. Should I greet with her?

Venu is hesitation. In the same time, the girl also sees venu

The girl: hey, guys. I remember you.

Venu: hi. You.. you also come here for dinner?

The girl: Yes. What is your name?

Venu: I am Venu. How about you?

The girl: I am Molly. Can we take a dinner together?

Venu :no… no problem.


After they finish dinner, they come to the park and take walk.

They are chatting. Venu tell Molly he has some problem and Molly give him a solution

Molly: You say you are an exchange student from Triangle country right?

Venu: Yeah. I don’t know anywhere.

Molly: That’s why you find a restaurant at afternoon, but reach restaurant at night.

Venu feel embarrassed.

Venu: Actually, I have a problem. I always don’t have sense for direction. I want to solve this problem. But I don’t know what to do.

Molly: Maybe you need a plan and practice.

They keep talking and walk.


After Venu reach his home, he is thinking molly’s suggestion.

Suddenly, he gets an idea.

He opens excel and start typing.

He makes a plan and record.

He record departure and destination.

Normal time from departure to destination and real time he do.

(I will make a example)

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