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Part 2

The place: the home in circle country, on the way home, bedroom bathroom

Props: luggage, mobile, 


---Circle country--- 

Venu stands outside of the house for a while and walks into the house.

Venu walks inside the house and looks around with a happy mood, like wow…

After he sees around the house, he walks inside the bedroom with his luggage.

He takes a rest in the room.


Venu went back home from his college. Suddenly, he receives a call.

Manoj calls him.

Manoj: Hi, Venu. How is going on? Is anything fine there?

Venu: Yeah. I am ok. At least, I remember how to go home from my collage. 

Manoj: ohh. It sounds good. Do you have time is this weekend?

Venu: Yes, I have free time all day. What happened?

Manoj: I want to visit your home.

Venu: it’s no problem, bro. welcome you in anytime.

Manoj: see you in this week.

Venu: ok, see you. Bye.

Venu cut the call and keep going to home.


Door bell is ringing. Venu open the door.

Manoj: long time not see you. My dear friend.

They hug each other.

Venu: I really miss you bro, come here.

Venu welcome Manoj to living room and sitting.

Manoj look around.

Manoj: Your house is so nice. Not like me only can live in dorm.

Venu: Yeah, My collage rent this house to me. I really like it.

Manoj look at Venu.

Manoj: Venu, you look weak.

Venu touch his face.

Venu: Is it?

Manoj: Yeah, Do you take any food?

Venu: I only but the food from convenient store because I don’t know how to go anywhere.

Manoj: What? You come here for one month and you take the food from convenient store only? It’s not good for your healthy.

They talk for a while.

After they talk, Manoj watch his mobile.

Manoj: It’s late. I have to go home.

Venu: Ok bye. 

Venu and Manoj go to the door. Venu say goodbye to Manoj.

Scence 2-4

After Manoj leave his home, he goes to bathroom and look at the mirror.

He touches his face and look at his Muscle.

Venu talk in front of mirror.

Venu: I really become weak. I have to solve this problem.

Scence 2-5

Venu walk to his room and use his computer/laptop.

He starts searching a restaurant from map.

He gets a good restaurant.

Venu: I decide to go there tomorrow.


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