Jiayang Fan and the American society in my eyes

what are the most basic qualities of a person? That is the recognition of nurturing one's own homeland, the recognition of blood inheritance. Human beings have always valued blood and ethnic groups. This is the case at all times, at home and abroad. However, there are always a small group of people who have no proper feelings for their hometown and country, and even feel ashamed of their own body. This kind of thing is actually kind of incredible.When I accidentally saw an American while reading the news, it probably meant that I was dissatisfied with my skin color, thinking that my skin color had harmed me, and I was very annoyed. In fact, this is a kind of extreme inferiority complex. The United States is known as the most liberal and democratic country. Whites, blacks, browns, and yellows live on its land. For a long time, whites were supremacy and other people of color were in a weak or even inferior position. Fairness has not been completely eliminated, and even highlighted at some point, resulting in a series of social problems. What the author wants to write here is a microcosm of it.

The protagonist of the story is a yellow Asian named Jiayang Fan. Her online identity is a reporter from NewYorker. She was born in China and went to school in the United States when she was a child. Later, she became a writer and reporter. It stands to reason that this is a model for foreigners to succeed in the United States and gain social acceptance. As a Chinese American and a reporter, Jiayang Fan is considered a small influence in the Chinese circle in the USA, and some Chinese even take her pride. Even some people in the United States were surprised by this!

I saw an article written by a netizen "drunk and orderly" saying "When I first read this name (Note: Jiayang Fan), I was excited - on the New Yorker It is really rare to be able to read articles written by Chinese. At that time, I did not know the background, gender, etc. of the author at all. As a Chinese, being a full-time contributor to a top magazine in the English-speaking world is far better than writing one or two books in English——After all, Journalism in the English-speaking world is completely different from simplified Chinese.In fact, there is a problem here, even though Jiayang Fan is an American who has obtained American citizenship. But in the United States, they still think she is Chinese. Although Jiayang Fan works for the New Yorker with her ability, the Americans feel very strange about this. The reason for this kind of mentality and understanding still lies in the discrimination against the Chinese and Asian ethnic groups, and it is not treated on the same level. This is probably one of the reasons why Jiayang Fan later complained about the unfairness she encountered in the United States. Even as a Chinese, no matter how hard you work, even if you achieve success in life in the United States, you will not be treated normally by American society. Of course, Jiayang Fan is no longer Chinese, and she is even troubled by her skin color and birth.

In 2020, when the covid-19 virus was raging in the United States, Jiayang Fan's mother was diagnosed. However, Her mother didn't receive good treatment or even was abandoned by the hospital. Jiayang Fan's status as an American journalist didn't help her family and change her fate. Even if Jiayang Fan kept calling for complaints on social media, it did not improve. Facing all kinds of injustice, Jiayang Fan was actually very angry and attributed the reason why his mother was kicked out of the hospital and refused treatment to her skin color, believing that her Chinese face and yellow skin caused the unfair treatment in the United States. However, when she should have taken this opportunity to take up the sword of justice to fight against racial discrimination in the United States, and she should have worked hard to change the injustice in American society, Jiayang Fan was annoyed because of her skin color, that is to say, She gave up the fairness and justice she pursued, and her vocation as a reporter who criticized the darkness of society. She accepted the reality of social injustice in the United States and instead believed that she was born in the wrong country and was ashamed of her yellow skin.

Objectively speaking, Jiayang Fan isn't worthy of the trust of the expectations of the Chinese community and violated the professional ethics of being a journalist of conscience in the free world. What is the problem? Where is the problem? Born Chinese, it is impossible to change her background. Being ashamed of her skin and color is actually a complete denial of herself. How can such a person have the courage to fight for fate?

How can people who do not even have the courage to change their country, society and environment to criticize and deny their skin color? As a Chinese-born American citizen, Fan Jiayang has been both a success and a complete failure. Because of his Chinese identity, Jiayang Fan has always been fierce and criticized, but she does not understand that as an American, Chinese society does not actually have much influence on her. Jiayang Fan's troubles are not the troubles of being born in China after all. The root cause is racial discrimination that has not yet been eliminated in American society. If she doesn't realize this, her achievements in the United States will stall.

We sincerely hope that everyone living in the United States will be fair and that American society will treat all its citizens equally.


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