时间 最终还是无法重来


只要我的干劲像fourth years一样十足




那我还是可以假装我在无限循环undergrad, right?

我还是可以与跟我看起来像同龄人的年轻孩子一样申请grad school, right?

约等于 我也还是即将/刚毕业的学生, right?

约等于 我可以假装过去十年什么都没有发生过 我只是一个像所有有信心有野心的孩子一样的 有正常self-confidence的人 doing what she's supposed to do, which is what she wanted to do when she was 18, right?

I wanted to be the lucky 18-year-old who was permitted to chase her dreams, since I wasn't allowed to chase my dreams when I was actually 18, even though I am not 18 anymore.

I thought I could stretch it out. What difference does it make if I look the same?

The difference is that I am not the same.

I might be permitted to chase my dreams now, but I am not 18 anymore. Dreams don't belong to only 18-year-olds, but I've not had a lot of practice dreaming as a 28-year-old. I have been trying to dream and make my dreams a reality, but the only way I knew how was to recall what my dreams were and what dreaming felt like when I still did that, when I was 18.

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