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What else you need to figure out how does Guild of Guardians work


Recently people are curious about how does Guild of Guardians work. Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG game, players can get NFT by playing the game. So far, the number of reserved players has exceeded 120,000. The game will be released in 2022, and gas-free transactions can be achieved by using Immutable X. Guild of Guardians is a game published by Immutable and developed by Stepico Games.

A blockchain game developed by StepicoGames and published by Immutable. The team has a team of more than 50 developers and artists. They have developed AAA-level strategy and RPG games with more than 5 million installations. It is also one of the world's largest VC-funded blockchain game startups, and has received support from investors such as Naspers and GalaxyDigital.

The game is a good entrance to the meta-universe in this era. Considering the industry rules, user attributes, technical preparations, etc., the possibility of being led by game companies is very high. Through virtual augmented physical reality, it is based on the future Internet with the characteristics of convergence and physical persistence, and has the characteristics of link perception and sharing. 3D virtual space", its essence is a parallel universe. So how does Guild of Guardians work?

Pets are another branch of the character in the game that provide players with a unique boost when activated. The pet is activated/equipped by the player and will remain active until replaced by another pet or removed by the player. There are three types of pets, each with different characteristics and benefits. these are:

Workers-Passively provide equipment building resources

Scouts-Increase the drop rate of dungeon items

Hunters-Increased dungeon completion rewards

Like heroes, these pets also have four rarity levels: Legendary, Rare, Epic, and Normal. Pets can be equipped in battle and can increase rewards, such as rewarding drops or higher probability of good loot. The cost of pet summoning is $75. It summons a random pet with 4 different rarities.

60% chance of pulling out a normal,

27% chance of getting rare,

10% chance to pull out the epic

3% chance to pull out the legend

The three occupations mentioned above (worker, scout, and hunter) have 12 unique pets.

In the June and July sales, a total of 360 million US dollars worth of props, pets, and heroes were sold.

Starting a copy operation in the Guardian Guild will consume "energy". But too much use of the same hero will accumulate fatigue points, and each run requires more "energy". You can upgrade your heroes more quickly by purchasing stamina.

Guild of Guardians announced the latest collaboration with NRG Esports, which will bring playable NFT collections to the Guild of Guardians mobile game. NRG is a professional gaming and entertainment company known for its championship teams and gaming lifestyle content. The platform has a wide fan base, with more than 118 million fans participating every month.

How does guild of guardians work never should have be a problem. E-sports is the core of game culture. Professional e-sports organizations are always looking for new ways to attract fans. Digital ownership is to provide fans with a way to interact with their favorite teams in a unique way. To this end, Guild of Guardians and NRG will work together to create a legendary NFT hero.


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