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【MDC】Analysis of Stay-at-home Economy and MyDailyChoice Future Outlook

What is “stay-at-home home economy”? A new economic model that stands out! Zero contact service, home consumption dominates “stay-at-home economy” boom, and business opportunities are erupting.
To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

What changes will the “Stay-at-home economy” bring to our lives with Zero contact service and home consumption?

What is the “Stay-at-home economy”? A new economic model that stands out!

“If people are willing to pay for e-commerce since the outbreak of SARS, people are willing to pay for online services during and even after the outbreak of Covid-19.” The pandemic has reversed the way of interaction for all human beings, detonating remote medical care, study, work, and foreign affairs. With the growth of the industry, the pandemic will push the “zero-touch economy” to an unprecedented critical moment.

The coronavirus pandemic is fueling the growth of the stay-at-home economy. How consumers learn, work, shop and play is poised to change forever. Consumer preferences have been shifting toward e-commerce and online entertainment and education for over a decade.

Consumers have more opportunities to spend at home and less likely to go shopping, which has changed the traditional consumption pattern . They only need to press smartphone with fingers at home and use their computers and smartphones to get the things they want.

Eat out → Eat at home

Shopping → Online shopping

Property viewing in real → Online property viewing

Commuter → Drive by car

Study at school/college/university → Online learning and study

Workout at Gym room → Online Fitness Classes

Bank → Online banking

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

Grocery purchases rely on online shopping, food by takeaway, education by online classes, meetings by video… Since the outbreak of Covid-19, “stay-at-home lifestyle” has fueled the “stay-at-home economy”, a number of new business formats ushered in explosive growth, and the profits of related companies soared.

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

The retail industry suffers from two different situations: pandemic prevention measures that are adjusted at any time in response to the pandemic have changed the people’s demand for different commodities. As the pandemic heats up, the demand for civilian resources has increased sharply, and the reduction in going out has pushed up the demand for the “stay-at-home economy”.

As the pandemic heats up this year, the proportion of homes that provide online sales channels for retailers has increased from 39.9% in March last year to 41.9% in May this year, an increase of 2.0 percentage.

Observed by industry, affiliate marketing and other unclassified non-store retail sales increased the most by 6.8% , supermarkets increased by 6.4%, pharmaceutical and cosmetics retail increased by 4.9%, ranking third, and department stores increased by 3.8%.

Based on the observation of the sales performance in May of this year, there are retail businesses that provide online sales with an annual growth of 3.2%, which is better than the 2.1% that only provides physical sales channels (that is no online sales).

The pandemic raged around the world last year. The control measures imposed by various countries against the virus severely impacted physical retailers, but at the same time changed people’s consumption habits from physical to virtual. Online shopping has sprung up, buffering the impact of the pandemic. South Korea’s non-store retail sales reached a record high with an annual growth rate of 24.2%; Japan’s non-store retail grew by 3.5% against the trend, and its turnover hit a record high; the United States’ non- store retail sales also hit a record high with an annual growth rate up to 21.4%.

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

The pandemic hits the labor market of the domestic demand industry: Due to the impact of the three levels of the pandemic, the unemployment rate in Taiwan rose to 4.11% in May , and the overall number of employees plummeted by 126,000 compared with April. Among them, the accommodation and catering industry fell the most by 32,000 monthly. And the retail industry fell by 24,000 monthly. In addition, according to the observation of unpaid leave data, as of July 7, the wholesale and retail industry had implemented unpaid leave in 481, and the number of unpaid leave was 3,716, accounting for 17.6% of the total number of unpaid leave, second only to The accommodation and catering industry accounted for 44.2%, an increase of 391 and 3,242 persons respectively from the end of May, indicating that this wave of pandemic has a greater impact on the domestic demand industry.

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

The space has “turned”, and the business opportunity has “changed”! Where are the consumers, where are the business opportunities!

At the moment when the epidemic has brought the booming stay-at-home economy, consumers have not reduced their consumption, let alone disappeared, but their consumption behavior has changed

1. From offline to online

2. From contact to non-contact, the constant is: business opportunity layout

3. Innovative services demanded by consumers

What other “opportunities” under the “stay-at-home economy”? Grasp the opportunity and take advantage of the trend

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MyDailyChoice’s future outlook

With a computer and a mobile phone, you can work from home by using a platform that truly creates various passive incomes at home!

Start a business at a low cost and enhance the blue ocean market and trends. Don’t miss it!

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

My Daily Choice (MDC) is currently one of the projects in the Work Your Wealth financial education system. The main purpose is to earn cashflow and various massive passive income .

The unique system and wealth opportunities help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals, and take success in your own hands! Diversified wealth tools and products are available for your application, allowing you to develop your business in many ways!

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

MyDailyChoice’s unique combination of industry-leading products and services dominates multiple categories. MyDailyChoice continuously evaluates industry trends and best practices to ensure that people around the world will want and need products now and in the future.

From the most advanced technology, sublingual absorption of 【Daily Sprays health care products】,
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All can be found on one platform 【MyDailyChoice】 !

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:\

Micro Delivery System | Concentrated Formula | Small Dose Quickly Dissolve | Simple and Easy to Use

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

Daily Sprays nutrients can penetrate into the capillaries through the oral mucosa. Nutrient molecules can smoothly pass through the larger molecular gaps, absorb them completely and quickly, and then bring them into the body to circulate. In this way, it can avoid the nutrients being destroy by the liver, gastrointestinal tract, and enzymes. Enhance the effect.

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:
To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:
To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

Each spray has been tested to ensure your safety

Before any Daily Spray leaves the factory and arrives at the customer, each batch of products must be tested for heavy metals, allergens, bacteria, yeasts, molds and pesticides in a third-party laboratory. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of daily health care without worrying about safety.

MANTRA Essential Oils single and compound essential oil series

Pure, high-quality essential oil series products, adjust your senses and improve health, balance your chakras and activate your senses

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

Chakras balance the connection between mind, body, and spirit

Chakras balance ideological connection between body and spirit, and tap your natural hair from the inside and the inner happiness

of each essential oil happy to lead you comfortable all day.

Chakras are the places where energy is gathered in the body. The seven chakras of the human body are located in different parts of the body are called “the inner organs hidden deep in the body .’’

In addition to the seven main chakras, the body also has many large and small chakras all over the body. Just like what the Chinese call “acupuncture points”, the large and small “acupoints” have their corresponding organs, which affect emotions.

The root of various mental and physiological problems in the human body is the unbalanced chakras. Keeping the chakras in balance contributes to the health of the body and mind and improves the overall life.

Chakras are also called “spiritual energy centers” . They are connected with the five natural elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether. The characteristics of these elements affect the physical and mental characteristics of people , receiving, digesting, and distributing , transfer the energy of life.

Essential oils (scented oils) can bring many benefits to personal health ; from bringing fresh air to the home environment to relaxing after a whole day, whether it is used in aromatherapy or absorbed by the skin through massage. All over the world cultures widely use essential oils. It’s time for you to experience the therapeutic grade essential oils !

Mantra Essential Oils are specially formulated to enjoy every day from hair, beauty care, home cleaning, to aromatherapy. Experience the benefits of natural essential oils and compound essential oils in your daily life.

Powerful 【HempWorx Hemp Product Series

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

Hemp Momma natural , earth environment-friendly clothing brand 

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

After the end of pandemic in the future, there will be the demands of “revenge” travel

High Life Travel: The only membership in the industry that can give travelers the most worthy discounts

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

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All purchases made through the member portal can earn reward points for future travel . It is multi-functional travel website.

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There is no denying that the foreign exchange market and cryptocurrency are changing the world and people’s perception of the financial sector

Akashx is a revolutionary education platform that provides tools and solutions to assist traders in mastering Forex and cryptocurrency trading

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

Assist beginners like you to step into the door and get in touch with this method of buying, selling, investing and trading that is changing the world every day. Cryptocurrency is the future, and the time to get in the market is now. Akashx provides the most comprehensive platform, allowing you to obtain education, tools and solutions proficient in Forex and cryptocurrency.

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

With the advent of the “Stay-at-Home Economy”, the development of the digital economy, the 5G era, “new trends” and “new opportunities” will follow after these. In the end, whether you can stand on the “trend” and seize the opportunity at a low cost but with high value and potential depends on your own vision, courage and strength.

Know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

To know more about MyDailyChoice MDC:

What are the other new business opportunities under the “stay-at-home economy”? Grasp the opportunity and take advantage of the trend

YouTube channel:

YouTube channel:

The unique system and different financial tools allow you to use a computer and a mobile phone to truly implement the “stay-at-home economy” to work from home and create various incomes at home.

Different functional financial tools allow you to earn cashflow, create passive income and accumulate assets to hedge against inflation! Welcome to learn more!

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Like and Follow Facebook Page: Work Your Wealth International Investment Coach

It’s time to grasp the pulse of this rapidly changing era, make the right choice at the critical moment, and get faster progress and a better life.

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