Does ipfs have a high return on investment? What about the ipfs project?

ipfs, a distributed storage protocol, is currently a very popular top-level blockchain project, which is of great significance for future storage needs and practical applications. Recently, many friends have sent private messages. I want to know whether the return on investment of ipfs is high? What about the ipfs project? Next, IPFS New Talk is here to answer everyone. V: IPFS456 To Does ipfs have a high return on investment? The ipfs mainnet was launched in October last year, and the first batch of friends who invested in the ipfs mining project have already recovered their money and started to make money. When the price of fil coins mined by ipfs mining rises, the payback cycle will definitely speed up, which is also the wish of every miner. In addition, increasing computing power and currency production will also speed up our payback cycle. Assuming that the situation is ideal, the investment payback cycle is about four months to pay back, and the rest is pure profit. After paying back, if the ipfs mining machine is okay, then it can be mined for a specified period of time. 96T and 192T can usually be mined for several years, so the profit return afterwards can be imagined. It should also be noted that the return on income is also closely linked to the investment. The current pledged gas fee is very low, and the cost of participating in ipfs mining has become lower, which will also shorten the investment payback period of ipfs mining. What about the ipfs project? Distributed system storage is playing an increasingly critical role in the Internet era. In particular, the future of distributed system storage will grant the blockchain market industry and other traditional manufacturing industries more space and unlimited possibilities. Taking the customer as the key goal, and handing over the leadership to the customer, the customer can easily control the true identity of the data and the development of data information. To Since the launch of the ipfs project, more and more companies and investment institutions have deployed ipfs projects at home and abroad. They have taken ipfs as a competitive advantage and invested a lot of money in product research and development. Well-known domestic and foreign institutions such as Huawei, Ali, Tencent, and Microsoft have entered the venue one after another. In addition, China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television published the "Notice of the Series White Paper on the Application of Blockchain Technology" on its official website, which talked about ipfs technology. It is not difficult to see that the ipfs project has indeed gained support from all walks of life, and filecoin is the only incentive layer for ipfs, and the future investment prospects and value are also very considerable.


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