2021 Hottest Investment Project-IPFS

What is IPFS? IPFS, the Chinese name Interplanetary File System: The next generation Internet infrastructure, it is a transmission protocol based on content addressing and distributed file system. It appeared to supplement or even replace the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) that currently dominates the Internet. , Allowing the global file system to store and distribute point-to-point, so that more people can safely and efficiently access the WEB world. IPFS is transforming the existing Internet, trying to create a faster, safer, and open next-generation Internet. A global file storage system that is permanently available on the Internet and data can be stored permanently. Sources of profit from investing in IPFS: Filecoin, referred to as FIL coin, is the reward mechanism of IPFS. Miners get paid through the underlying storage and retrieval services of IPFS. As long as users use our IPFS system to store and retrieve files, they need to pay a certain fee from our underlying storage provider (FIL coin, also Called file currency), FIL currency is also the only token in the IPFS ecosystem. How high is the return on IPFS? 1 storage machine can output per T per day: 0.1 FIL coins One can be produced in 10 days. The effective computing power of the 336T machine is 220T, and you can get 22 FIL coins in one day. 660 pieces were obtained in one month, and 7920 pieces in the whole year. In three years, 23760 FIL coins can be obtained. E.g: The current currency price is 420 yuan/piece, and the cost price of buying a 336T machine is only 400,000 yuan! 3 years = 420 x 23760 = 9.98 million income (25 times profit) (The above computing power does not include the profit brought by the increase in the currency price. The more the currency price rises, the profit margin will continue to grow exponentially) An example of profit calculation for currency price increases is as follows: If: the current currency price is 420 yuan, according to the calculation just now, the 3-year return is 25 times. If the currency price rises from 420 yuan to 10,000 yuan within 3 years, the return: 10000 x 23760 = 240 million ÷ 400,000 cost, 3-year return Rate = 594 times


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