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Sophisticated or funny to discover something behind. An artist and joint arrangement from Taiwan. 壓克力繪畫/數位繪畫/寶石飾品鑲嵌設計/NFT觀察 Gallery

Sunflower of Ukraine

寒冬凜冽風暴,抵不住向陽渴望。Sunflower of UkraineEven: storm from east, she faces the sun.
Sunflower of Ukraine



Sunflower of Ukraine  

Even storm from east, she faces the sun. 

Paradise never opened 協同作品 

Paradise never opened

本作品 TKW 自己不販售,而是搭配 Paradise never opened 買家贈送,只要單次購買 1-3 張 Paradise never opened,就送一張 Sunflower of Ukraine,購買 4-6 張送 2 張,以此類推。本作品可販售! 

Associated with "Paradise never opened" 

"Sunflower of Ukraine" is not on sale by TKW. If you buy "Paradise never opened" 1 to 3 copies once, TKW will airdrop a "Sunflower of Ukraine" to you, and 4 to 6 copies you will get 2 copies of "Sunflower of Ukraine", and so on. You can still trade them. 



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Paradise never opened

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