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How to Troubleshoot Outlook Frozen Issue?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular email clients in the world. Outlook is go-to email client for companies with great revenue. Among the individual users, it accounts for 10% of world’s email market share. Despite of popularity, Outlook might create issue and one of them is Outlook frozen or don’t respond at all.

Check out the guide properly and know about the troubleshooting steps for dealing with Outlook frozen issues.

Causes for Outlook Frozen

Let’s check out the common causes for Outlook frozen issue:

  1. You haven’t installed latest updates and patches.
  2. It is used simultaneously for another process.
  3. Some programs that you have installed or associated process conflicts with Outlook.
  4. Add-in your installed interferes with Outlook’s processes.
  5. Your computer is infected and mailboxes are too big.
  6. There are issues with the Office programs.
  7. Your user profile has corrupted and ODF files have been corrupted.

These are some of the causes that leads to Outlook frozen issue. Now, let’s proceed further and know about the solutions for Outlook freezes.

Solutions for Outlook Freezes 

Let’s check out the solutions to deal with Outlook freezes issue to complete to deal with the annoying error:

  1. Restart Outlook 

First thing to make sure is to restart your Outlook as it can release unwanted cache and other process that are deadlocked. Ideally, close Outlook and open it in safe mode. You can do it by following the ways:

  • If you are using Windows 10, right-click on start and type Outlook.exe/safe. Click to enter and it will open Outlook in safe mode.
  • Proceed to start and type Outlook/Safe in Windows 7 and click to enter.
  • While using Windows 8, open Apps, choose run and type Outlook/safe and choose to OK.

After opening Outlook, you need to close it again and opening it for the next time. You can follow the steps properly to fix Outlook freezes a good deal of the times.

  1. Repair Outlook 

You can smoothly repair Outlook to prevent from freezing but you can do it for entire Office suite.

  • Start by closing the Office programs.
  • Proceed to control panel and navigate programs and features.
  • From the available list and right-click on Microsoft Office and choose to change.
  • Select online repair radio button.
  • Click to repair button.

  1. Repair Corrupted Outlook Data Files 

Outlook data files are the files that store all Outlook data like emails, calendars, contacts, attachments, and more. These files depending on which version of Outlook that you are using and types of email accounts that you have. It can be corrupted for various reasons and Outlook won’t work when ODF files are corrupted. Users can smoothly use the built-in repair tool to troubleshoot the issue and if the issue persists or file is corrupted then you need to consider using the third-party tools to troubleshoot the issue.

These are the troubleshooting methods to deal with the solutions for Outlook frozen issue.

Summing Up

Check out the guide properly to troubleshoot the issue of Outlook frozen issue. You need to follow the steps properly to deal with the issue smoothly. If you encounter with any issue for Outlook then it is advisable to check out the official website to deal with it.

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