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Where are My Scanned Documents on Mac?

Mac users have several queries, and one of them is where to find the scanned document or image on their device. If you also have a similar query, check out the steps mentioned

Mac users can use the Spotlight or Finder to find the scanned documents. To open Finder, tap on the blue icon from your dock. Tap on “all my files” from the left in the Finder window and enter the search criteria like file extension or file name in the search bar.

Some users have queries related to where are my scanned documents on Mac?” The default location for the saved scanned document is in the scanned document subfolder of the documents folder.

If you have the query and the scanned documents are not in their default location, keep reading the guide to clear your issues.

Steps to Find Scanned Documents on Mac

Before locating the scanned file on your Mac, check out the steps to know how to scan a document on your Mac device by using the Image Capture.

  1. Scan a Document on Mac

To scan a document on a Mac device, check out the step-by-step instructions to know the details:

  • Firstly, turn on your scanner and try to connect to your Mac device. Here you can place a document that you want to scan in the scanner.
  • On your Mac device, open Image Capture.
  • After that, select the scanner from the panel at the left of the main window.
  • From the pictures drop-down menu, choose a destination for the scan. Here, choose the picture folder.
  • In this step, you have to choose a size for the bounding box. US Letter is the default; you can opt for it to draw several bounding boxes to scan portions of the document. After that, choose to scan to start the scanning process. It will be saved to the location that you will choose.

  1. Go to Location that you Have Selected

As mentioned, when you are trying to scan a document on your Mac device, here you will be asked to select the storage folder. With this, you need to remember the location you select. After that, proceed to the location on Mac. By default., scanned documents or images are saved automatically in the pictures folder on your Mac device. To open the Pictures folder on a Mac device, here’s what you have to do:

  • Open “Finder and proceed to go > home.”
  • In Finder, when the Home window opens, you need to locate the pictures folder. Double click on the icon to open it.

With this, you can smoothly view the scanned files on your Mac device. Follow the steps properly to avoid any issue and smoothly find the scanned documents or images on the Mac device.

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