I thought i would never meet miracle

Then you are here

Amazing grace with glowing green

Scatter and disappear into the street

I thought you were existing

But where are you

Scorching heart with confusing blue

Wander and integrate into the dream


That scene still lingers over my head

You teased me, hugging tight on me

All of a sudden, you started laughing

Maybe I should be considerate and observant

Your cry trailed off by the wind

I received your confession

In reality, I felt bitter rather than sweet

No way I can describe how I crushed on you

Suffice it to say that I was sorry

The God is torturing me, I know

It’s a tender rain, and I had departed

The singing bird

The traveler stops on the road

Yearning in the heart, the heaven

The destination of tour seems shadowing

The world always haunts him

With searching the meaning of life

Shutting off from the Earth at the end

Longevity means nothing, people would say

But eternity always counts for him

Glowing faintly, Sealing in the soul

"If I keep a green bough in my heart

The singing bird would come"

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