Power BI in 2021


In a digital world, information is data, knowledge is obtained from data and the knowledge of data is power. With the advent of the internet, data became a crucial asset for companies post-2009. With the impact of the pandemic in 2020, the crisis has forced companies to digitalize their operations from logistics and supply chain to tracking customer journey. With increased digitalization, data is produced 50 times more than that was produced in 2015 and with time the user data will be augmented. As a result of the magnanimity of data, data science as a field has evolved to analyze data and develop insights from it. Capturing data, analyzing it, and visualizing it in an interactive dashboard,microsoft power bi training course proves a highly essential tool for professionals. Power BI platform offers to the world: Companies like Abbott, Gartner are using Power BI to do user behavior analysis and user modeling for mobile and web apps. Power BI provides an intelligent eCommerce ecosystem for companies like ARCADIS. An average salary of a Power BI analyst in India can earn $113,309. Power BI helps companies like Engie and Targus streamline their KPIs of marketing, operations, and sales department for organizational processes.


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