DevOps in 2021


With an estimated market size to reach $12.85 billion by 2025, the DevOps market has created a buzz. All the industries like Technology, eCommerce, retails and finance, require DevOps Engineers to maximize their efficiency, security, maintainability, and predictability of operational processes. Understanding the Industry requirements, IgmGuru has crafted special DevOps training online programs, to meet the scarcity claim. The DevOps training online shall provide you In-depth knowledge of using Nagios to tune and monitor performance Methods to use Kubernetes for Container Orchestration Ways to use Docker for Containerizing Code on production A thorough study of DevOps methodology Knowledge on how to use Puppet and Ansible for Configuration Management Ways to use Selenium and Maven to Automate test and build. Methods to use Jenkins for creating CD/CI Pipelines Training for Software version control implementation.


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