Sitecore CMS in 2021


The Sitecore training program has been divided into sessions for easy and, better learning. With each session, you will comprehend the two very valuable products of Sitecore course, The CMS (Content Management System), and DMS (Digital Marketing Systems). Undertaking the course, students shall be able to,Construct a website of multilingual functionality stuffed with features as, language/content versioning, workflow, and translation comparison editing, to help deal with customers of any nationality speaking their specific language.

  • Have sky-scraping control of AIDA (analysis, insights, decision, and automation) to cover all aspects, whether to directly integrate Google Analytics account into Sitecore or use the one that is already in-built. Also, the course shall help facilitate built-in “engagement analytics,” to provide in-depth information about actual customers willing to make purchases. 
  • Edit the existing content as well as craft new content through their learning, without the help of any hands from the IT department.
  • Learn about the personalization technology of Sitecore through which general visitors can be encouraged to become permanent customers, the moment they first click on to visit your website.
  • Maintain high-quality content all over the website by imposing, workflow, standard security system, as well as access permission. This allows having full control over the website even if it has many contributors at different places.
  • Stay handy with Search Engine Optimization Techniques, to rank on the top.


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