Public Relation Is Better Weapon Than Advertising

Public Relation Is Better Weapon Than Advertising


Branding is essential. A strong brand will help any company or product or service much easy to market. Branding is the feeling that a consumer experiences when they think of your company or product.

We see entrepreneurs waste thousands of dollars trying to expand their business by using different branding techniques and observing others doing it. Numerous companies, whether they're big or small are unsure of which and how to allocate marketing dollars to create a brand, boost sales and boost revenues. In the present, Public Relations (PR) and Advertising are two primary marketing disciplines which could solve this issue.pr agencies in Delhi

Another common question is which method to choose and which best works, advertising or PR. This article I'll discuss why PR is superior than advertising.

What does PR and advertising mean?

PR can be a very effective method to create awareness and brand recognition for any company. It's the act of controlling how information flows between a company and its customers. Common tasks include media relations as well as attending conferences, receiving industry awards and communication with employees, etc.

Traditional tools for public relations are press releases and press kits that are distributed to media to draw attention in the media. Other popular tools include flyers, brochures mailing campaigns, roadshows, annual reports, newsletters, etc. As the world has passed technology has provided new methods to create and market your business. Beyond the traditional methods, more and more companies are using social media platforms that are interactive like microblogging, blogging and social media updates, among others.

Advertising messages are typically sponsored by the advertisers and are viewed through various traditional media such as newspapers magazines online media, television commercials, radio ads and outdoor advertising, or direct mail. However, there are emerging media such as websites and blogs as well as texts messages.

Which is more credible - advertising or PR?

The media's publicity via PR is more reliable than advertising. A lot of the major players are small consumers of advertising, yet large supporters of PR. There are numerous companies which do not use advertising, however, they are often featured in business magazines as well as in the press generally, and can carry huge credibility.

It is evident that public relations can create a lasting impression on the public's awareness for just a tiny fraction of the cost associated with advertising. Public relations can generate publicity at a very low cost and often even cost-free. PR is thought of as an inexpensive alternative that is also more efficient than other methods of marketing, such as traditional advertising and media buying.best pr agency in Delhi

So, what's the motive behind this?

When it comes to PR, the business is not liable for the space or time needed to be in with the press, rather, instead provides the PR professional to create and distribute stories and oversee certain events.

Media is constantly on the search of news that is interesting. If you are targeting the appropriate medium at the correct moment there is nothing else like it. If a company can create an interesting story, it might be noticed by all news media and earn millions of Rupees in the same way as Advertising. Additionally, it could be more credible than Advertising because it is the method by that one can establish an image of positivity and preference by obtaining endorsement from third parties. There are some studies that show that customers are five times more likely to be to be influenced by editorial content than Advertising.

No matter how clever, funny dramatic, or visually appealing is self-promotion. Certain people are cautious about advertisements. Additionally, advertising is extremely expensive, particularly if have a large market to reach. However PR is an filtration process. The editor or the reporter analyzes the information prior to publication, and decides on the subject that is relevant and therefore is more credible. The problem with PR is that it doesn't have any control over the manner in which the media present your information. However the crisis management department can correct the negative media press coverage. In addition, the media isn't bound to report the event or issue a press release merely because you have sent an email to them.

Advertising claims make use of refinement, comparisons and borrows elements from psychology and the arts to influence decision-making. However, PR is based on facts and not on seduction.

Therefore, PR is more effective than other tools for marketing, such as advertising. The imaginative use of publications, news events social gatherings, community relations as well as other methods of PR gives companies the opportunity to stand out and differentiate their services from competitors and to build their reputation.

A survey jointly conducted between Worldcom Public Relations Group and the Transworld Advertising Agency Network found both advertising and PR experts agree that PR has a better use of social media.pr companies in Delhi

While PR may increase credibility, advertising can enhance it. This is what we refer to as PR-oriented advertising. PR starts by establishing an image of credibility for the company while Advertising further increases the credibility of the brand and increases its popularity.

Madhumita is a communications and marketing professional with more than eleven years experience working in diverse industry verticals such as IT & Telecom, eLearning and e Governance Bio metric industry, etc. While working for organizations such as Impetus Technologies, Inc., TLS group, Smart ID, Info Pro Learning, Inc. and many more.

She worked with brands such as Cartoon Network, Pogo, HBO, CNN, Swarovski, Revlon, Amway, J J Valaya, The Lalit, BarCode, Spice Mall, Spice Mobile, General Motors etc. during my time in Public Relations Agencies like Lintas and Rediffusion.

She has worked on a variety of aspects of strategic marketing and communication including advertising, sales promotions as well as corporate communications, public relations as well as social media and direct marketing. She created a system that makes each of these areas work in a single force, co-ordinating and integrating all of the marketing and communication tools, avenues, tasks and sources with a minimum cost.pr agency in Delhi NRC


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