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Julian's Baptism

It’s really an interesting experience attending a baptism, and taking photos for it. Thanks for Michelle’s invitation, thanks for the warm weather and charming Julian (*heart*), and the most appreciated is the lovely touching interaction between people.

Let’s enjoy the photos! (and sorry for my lazy and late)

3 Gentlemen in 3 Generations

In personal, I love this one most. The grandpa, the brother (son), and the grandson. The son was recording and looking at his father, who was looking at his grandson, who was looking at somewhere else. These “invisible” lines make this one interesting.

The Family

很自然。自然就是美 (L)

His grandson

Bite you~

記錄祖孫兩人的互動真的很有趣,咬來咬去的 XD

Ready to Ride?


很動感,很溫馨的互動 😀

[[SlideShow of the whole set]]

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