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Proposal #33 - Hire OurSky developers with community pool

Proposal description:

This is a community pool spend proposal to hire OurSky developers with 614,250HKD of LIKE in total divided into two payments: 50% in January and 50% in March. The price of LIKE is taken from a 7 days average of the payout month. This is the first part of the proposal and it is aimed to sending 1,228,020LIKE to cosmos1knfp5qgzgr29k00nhjp2qzxlezrlalhyjd59xs what covers the payment for January. The payout includes half of the total amount of work in 11 weeks (54 working days) of services from February 07, 2022 to April 22, 2022. By voting YES to this proposal, Likers shows their support for hiring OurSky developers to start their work with LikeCoin.

OurSky company description:

"Oursky is a team of talented developers, designers, data scientists, product and project managers and QA engineers working from Hong Kong, London, and Taipei. Using cutting-edge technologies, we are an end-to-end digital product, web, and mobile app development consultancy whose creations have garnered millions of downloads and awards from the Apple App Store and Asia Smart Apps Awards." -

The number of LIKE that will be spent from the community pool with first payment:


Initial tasks for developers from OurSky

1. Migrating wallet prefix from cosmos1 to like1 address;
2. NFT support.

The list of tasks is preliminary and is identified as highest priority, but are not fixed.

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