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Should we wear uniforms to school?


作者 : Bennett 李柏緯

Uniforms, an item of specific clothing that belongs to a school, a company, or a group. As a student studying in Taiwan for almost 10 years, I have my own opinion about uniforms. I have already finished elementary and junior high school in Taiwan public schools. Both of my elementary and junior high schools require students to wear school uniforms. Many students in my school hate this policy, including me a few years ago. I was very displeased with this policy until I met a home economics teacher. I complained to her about all the weird uniform policies made by the school.

After complaining, I was tired and thirsty, so I stopped speaking. She begins, “Do you know that all policies made by the school have their use?” She told me a long time ago when she was in her first few years of teaching, the school didn’t regulate anything about student uniforms. One day, a student from a nearby school sneaked into the school where she was teaching, just to get revenge for a fight yesterday.

After that, I realized the importance of having students wear uniforms. The other thing that made me stop being unpleasant about the policy is that I have a very bad fashion sense. Having to wear uniforms takes away the need for me to decide what to wear every day. Now, I’m totally fine with this policy, I don’t hate it anymore.


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