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History of Taliban


作者: Belle 孔令妍

Lately, the problems of Taliban and Afghanistan are very popular on a variety of platforms. Thus there isn't a conclusion for the situation in Afghanistan and Taliban today, so I’ll focus on the history of Taliban in this article.

Let’s talk about the origin of the Taliban first. In 1994 November, Mohammed Omar, with his fifty students, created “Taliban” in his hometown Kandahar. The word “Taliban” in Pashto and Iranian means “students”. Most of the members are the Islan students from east of Afghanistan and south of Pashtuns, they studied in Islan school in Pakistan before, in result they are called “Islan Students Soldier”, too.

Second, I’ll introduce the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”. It is a regime that was built by the Taliban in 1996 to 2001. In their domination, they explain the Quran severely and they do the punishment in public. These punishments include flogging, amputation, mass execution, etc.

They not only have cruel punishments, they also restrict females a lot. Women were banned from most jobs at that time, even girls couldn't go to school. In addition, unmarried couples have found that staying together might be confronted with punishment. Taliban also established religious police with an eye to supervise implementation of creed.

What’s more, the Taliban destroyed The Buddhas of Bamiyan in March of 2001. That is a historic site built around 800 years ago. The Taliban destroyed it because it is a different religion from theirs. This action brought many countries and organizations' denunciation at that time.

Nowaday, in the wake of America withdrawing troops. The inhabitants in Afghanistan are concerned that some of their freedom may be deprive if the Taliban prepotency Afghanistan again.

Fortunately, a Taliban prolocutor said that they won’t ban female studying and working right like 20 years ago at BBC live streaming. They advocate peace and tell Afghanistan people that they don’t need to worry about their home being destroyed.

I hope that the Taliban prolocutor Suhail Shaheen's opinion on public affairs is true. Let's wait and see what they will do in the future.




advocate 提倡

religion 宗教信仰

單字片語補充者: Chris 陳璽安




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