A developer who occasionally has existential crisis and thinks if we are heading to the wrong direction, technology is just getting us there sooner.

I want to knit the time we spend together into a dish cloth

Can we sit down together?

We don’t need to fill the intangible time with tangible activities to appreciate it

Intangible things are scary, I know

They are the first to collapse in the face of crisis

Like they never exist in the first place

And we fall into despair when we fail to find meaning in the void of lost time

Terrified, we make promises

But we know promise is for the moment

It’s not for keeps

Let’s just sit down

We can talk, or simply sit in silence

I will knit the intangible time we spend together into a tangible dish cloth

And I will give it to you

Not a promise of the future, but an acknowledgement of the present

It is our conscious decision and active effort to come together for the hour

I appreciate the time as it is

When we speak of the moment

It’s for keeps



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