How To Perform Arris Modem Reset?

Arris has numerous Internet connecting devices, a wide range of wireless routers and modems which you can install and utilize the internet services provided by different internet service providers. But sometimes you face error with the router or modem. Most of these errors can be resolved through common troubleshooting ways like rebooting the router but if that doesn’t fix the issue. You can perform Arris modem resetA full factory reset is done, when you want the device to return to its original configuration. It will remove your current network information and restore the router to the original settings. Let’s take a look at process on how to reset Arris router. You may need to do this when there is some issue that needs to be resolved, which will eliminate the bugs and restore its proper working.

Steps to reset Arris router:

  • Locate the reset button on your Arris router.
  • Press and hold the button for 20 seconds.
  • Make sure you press the button long enough, otherwise the router will only reboot and not perform reset.
  • Release the button and wait for the lights to turn back on. It may take sometime.
  • The router will restart and set back to factory default settings.

If you need to connect another devices to the router, you can do that using the WPS button on the router. You must be wondering, where is WPS button on Arris routerThe button is located at the back of the router with the same name. It is the fastest way to establish a connection between router and other device. Simply enable the WPS method through settings and press the button. When you see the light on the router blinking, press the WPS button on other device immediately. The devices will recognize each other and establish a connection.

You may require to login to your router to setup the router or after performing reset function. In order to do so, you must know default password for Arris router. The default password is mentioned at the back of the router and in the router manual you must have received while purchasing the router. The default password for Arris router is the word password.

With these details and other default credentials, let’s see how to setup an Arris routerFollow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to setup Arris router:

  • Open any web browser in a device connected to the router.
  • Then, type the default IP address in the search bar of the browser.
  • Click on enter and you will be directed to the login page of the router.
  • Enter admin as the username and the word password as the password of the router.
  • Click enter and you will be navigated to the settings of the router.
  • There you can change the username and password of the router. Edit other settings.
  • Click on save to apply the changes.

Before performing these steps, you have to connect the router and modem through an Ethernet cable. Use another cable to connect a device to the router.


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