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Outlook has consistently shown its reliability as a platform for sending, receiving, and managing email for decades.

Outlook has consistently shown its reliability as a platform for sending, receiving, and managing email for decades. It has long been a go-to email platform for both consumers and businesses. Microsoft Outlook is a secure email client that enables you to send and receive emails, manage your inbox, plan essential appointments and activities, and create reminders.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg; it is too prone to malfunctions. Are you experiencing your Outlook not connecting to the server? This article can be your perfect resort.

  • Confirm Your Username and Password. To begin, what do you think? To be certain, let's verify your credentials and account information to ensure you're logging in with legitimate credentials.
  • If you're having difficulty connecting to Outlook's server, here's a simple method to determine the status of Outlook. Switch to the "Send and receive" tab after launching Outlook. Examine the Status of Outlook. On the bottom-right corner of the title bar, you'll notice an option for "Work Offline." This means Outlook is not connected to the server at the moment.
  • Connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server. To check the status of the Microsoft Exchange server, go to Outlook's settings and look at the current status. Open Outlook and choose the File menu item. Navigate to the Info> Account and Social Network Settings> Account Settings section. An orange-colored indication symbol will appear next to the Microsoft Exchange Server if there is a problem.
  • Additionally, you may try connecting to the Microsoft Exchange Server service over the SSL server.

·        Navigate to File> Info> Account and Social Networking Settings> Account Settings in Outlook.

·        From the list, touch "Change" next to your email account. "More Settings" may be accessed by tapping.

·        To begin, go to the "Advanced" option in the Advanced Internet email settings box.

·        Transferring to an SSL Server

·        Now, you must select "SSL" from the drop-down menu next to "Use the following encrypted connection type."

·        To confirm your changes, click the OK button.

  • Close all open windows, and relaunch Outlook to see whether the "Outlook cannot connect to server" problem persists.
  • Turn off Outlook Add-ins. If any third-party extensions or add-ons cause Outlook to fail to connect to the server, this may result in the "Outlook cannot connect to server problem" on your device. To remedy this problem, you may disable the plugging and re-enable them to see if it resolves the issue.
  • Restart Outlook to verify that the problem has been resolved. Often a quick restart helps fix the issue of Outlook not syncing to the server.

Thus, with these workarounds, the Outlook can be put into sync in a blink of an eye.

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