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How to Download and Access TurboTax for Tracking My Refund?

In order to access one of the most popular tax preparation software – TurboTax, you need to download it from the official website.

In order to access one of the most popular tax preparation software – TurboTax, you need to download it from the official website. Besides, you will need to create an account and purchase the software to download it. Once you download the TurboTax, install it on your desktop to access it.

However, if you still can’t figure out how to install TurboTax to track your past refund amount, the following guidelines will let you know what to do.

Go Through the Step-By-Step Guidelines to Download TurboTax

Step 1: Log in to your TurboTax account using your login credentials when you made your purchase.

Step 2: If you're not already on the Downloads tab, select it.

Step 3: Choose the blue button for the product to download.

Step 4: Save the download somewhere on your computer where you can find it.

Step 5: Finally, install your software by double-clicking the downloaded file.

Now, we’re going to install the TurboTax software you have just downloaded. Let’s begin!

Note: Close any running programs, including firewall and virus-protection programs before installing the software.

Step 6: Double-click on the downloaded file to open the installer.

Step 7: When the product you have downloaded is installed, activate it screen, enter your license code in the License code box, and select Continue to complete the installation.

·       The license code usually consists of 16-character combination of letters and numbers that can be found in your Download confirmation email and/or order history. However, the latest version has a 14-character code.

That’s all! Now, to access to track your refund amount, here are the following guidelines to know.

Learn How to Track Refund Amount Online

Once you get the confirmation that your tax return has been accepted, you'll be able to track your refund at the “Where's My Refund” link provided by the IRS. You should submit your return to track it.

If the return was accepted more than 21 days ago, contact the IRS if you’ve not received the amount yet.

Procedures to Check the Status of Your Refund Amount

·       Wait At Least Three Days

You need to wait at least three days after filing your tax return online before checking refund status. If you have e-filed the return from TurboTax, you can check the status online to ensure it is accepted by the IRS.

·       Obtain A Copy of Your Tax Return

The IRS requires that you have some of the information from your tax return before you check your refund status. Grab the following information:

Ø The SSN or Social Security number.

Ø The filing status you chose that can be located in the top.

Ø The correct amount of your tax refund.

·       Get Through “Where’s My Refund?”

Under the Where's My Refund? tool, you will get boxes to enter refund amount, filing status, and Social Security number.

When you complete providing this information, select the “Submit” button to see the refund status. If you can’t figure out how one can go for the TurboTax login to track my refund, this guide will surely help you out.

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