Does a facial toner work?

In addition to cosmetics and daily care, you can have an enjoyable skincare time by adding a facial device to your home care routine to take it up a notch.

Which type of facial device is right for you? If you're new to the world of facial care, this article will help you learn about the different types of facial care equipment, their effects, and how to choose the right one.

Do facial toners work? What are the failures?

Compared to cosmetics, it is easy to feel the immediate effects of a facial device. Regular use is ideal, but care must be taken in its usage.

There are two main types: the hand-operated type, which does not require a power source, and the type that requires a power source.

For "products that use energy such as electricity, light, or vibration" that are connected to a power source or charged, please read the instructions carefully. Each of these can work in different ways to give you a more satisfying experience than cosmetics or the hand techniques of an esthetician.

Although "power-based facial products" are popular for their ability to give quick results, there are cases where people use them more often than recommended by the manufacturer, or use them in areas where they are prohibited. Since they are made for home use, it is unlikely that they will lead to major problems, but you need to fully understand how to use them so that you do not burden your skin.

Just because it works doesn't mean you should use it differently from the instructions!

Types and features of facial equipment

(1) Roller type

A facial toner that does not require a power source. You move the main unit by hand and roll it over the surface of your face.

The main purpose of this type is to promote blood flow. It is also called facial massager which expected to improve swelling and dark circles as stagnant wastes flow out.

There are no restrictions on where the product can be used, and most of them can be used every day. No special cosmetics are needed, so you can easily use it.

(2) Steamer

This is a skin beautification method using steam, and is widely used in beauty salons.

The warm steam removes tension from the surface of the skin, making it easier to remove dirt from pores and skin texture, and making it easier for skin care ingredients to penetrate. The warmth of the steamer also promotes blood flow, making it a popular product for preventing dullness, fine lines, and dryness.

Home care steamers are available in a variety of styles, with different amounts of steam and a cool mist function.

(3) Introduction (ion)

This is used to enhance the penetration of cosmetics by using the power of electricity. Most of them are effective when used together with vitamin C-based whitening ingredients. Some products also enhance the penetration of moisturizing ingredients.

(4) Conduction (ion)

Uses the power of electricity to remove dirt from the skin surface. A cotton pad is placed on the panel surface. The cotton absorbs and removes fine dirt from pores and skin texture that cannot be removed by facial cleansing.

(5) Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a sound of 20,000 Hz or higher that cannot be heard by humans. The ultrasonic waves used in facial equipment range in frequency from 1MHz to 9MHz, and are used for different purposes.

The higher the frequency, the more it is said to work on the surface of the skin, and is expected to have massaging and cleansing effects.

Smaller values are thought to reach deeper and have a greater lifting effect, but may be used only on fleshy cheeks and face lines.

Wavelengths of about 5MHz are said to support moderate penetration of cosmetics and skin elasticity.

(6) Radiofrequency (RF, submicrowave, high frequency)

When the body temperature rises from deep inside the body by generating heat, lymphatic flow and blood flow are stimulated. This treatment is expected to have an effect on aging problems such as dark spots, dullness, and swelling.

By generating heat deep inside the skin and causing thermal damage, the number of fibroblasts, which produce collagen, increases, which is said to improve the skin's elasticity. It is also used in the menus of esthetic salons and clinics.

(7) Facial cleansing brush

There are both electric and manual brushes, and they are made of materials that will not damage your skin. Many of them can be used every day and are easy to adopt as a habit.

Some electric brushes can be used for massage by replacing the brush tip with a roller.

How to choose a facial device for different skin problems

Which type of facial device has the best functions for your skin problems? The following is a list of recommended functions for different skin concerns based on the features mentioned above.

  • Dryness and lack of texture → (moisturizing, support for penetration of cosmetics) steamer, introduction
  • Blemishes: (Whitening cosmetic penetration support) Introduction
  • Dullness - Steamer (to promote blood flow and support cleansing)
  • Dullness and roughness of the skin → (removal of dead skin cells) introduction
  • Dullness, rough skin (removing dead skin cells) ・Sebum, dirt in pores, disordered texture ・Ultrasonic waves, facial cleansing brush
  • Sagging, fine lines, and open pores → (firmness improvement) ultrasound + RF
  • Wrinkles → (moisturizing, promoting blood flow) steamer, introduction, RF
  • Wrinkles → (moisturizing, blood flow promotion) steamer, introduction, RF ・Swelling → (blood flow promotion) roller, steamer

Points to note when using a facial beauty device

(1) Read the instruction manual carefully.

Be sure to read the instruction manual to confirm how to use and precautions.

Facial Skincare Products for home care are designed to be easy to use, even for people who do not have safety considerations or knowledge. By making sure you know how to use the product correctly, you will be able to get the best results more efficiently.

(2) Make sure of the performance

Even if a product uses the same theory, it is important to consider that the performance differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The same ultrasound and radiofrequency products used in medical institutions and aesthetic salons have different frequencies and power requirements from those used at home. It is important to have a clear awareness of what the product is designed for and how you want to use it.


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