不負責任翻譯 | 3月6日烏克蘭總統澤連斯基第二次演講全文


I wish you victory, Ukrainian people!


I will start with the words of support I hear from our partners. From our friends. Very important words of support backed by concrete steps. Every day and every night I talk to the leaders of many countries, to the leaders of the business community. During all the days of the war, there is almost no hour when Ukraine does not hear what help it will receive.


I talked about it again with President Biden last night. I am grateful to him for his determination. For preparing more new solutions for Ukrainians and Europeans. More new sanctions against aggression! And before that I spoke with American congressmen. More than two hundred representatives of both parties of the Congress. They are very sincere. They are fully interested in really helping us, providing concrete assistance.


These are conversations that increase our confidence. Because one who is on the side of light will never fall into darkness. The world has the power to close our sky from Russian missiles. From Russian combat aircraft, helicopters. If anyone still doubts, Ukraine needs planes. In fact, it's simple. When you have the will. To make the sky safe. The sky of Ukraine. The sky of Europe.


I spoke with the Prime Minister of Australia. And I am grateful to Australians for their moral stance on Russian exports. There must be no port where a terrorist state can make money. The Prime Ministers of Albania, Bulgaria and Israel. Support for Ukraine.


Inspirational conversation with Elon Musk. With a man who creates rockets for the future. Instead of killing with rockets for the sake of the past. We talked about how to win now. About how we will cooperate later. After the victory.

我與埃隆·馬斯克(Elon Musk)有一段鼓舞人心的對話。他是為未來創造火箭的人,而不是為了過去而用火箭殺人。我們談到現階段的勝利,談到關於我們得到勝利之後的合作。

Support for Ukraine from global business, from the leaders of the most advanced companies is no less important than support from leading countries. When the corporate world stands by you and is not afraid, you have double protection. Triple weaponry. You have a future.


Ukrainians! We have already gained our future. But we are still fighting for our present. It is very important. We are fighting for where the border will be. Between life and slavery. And this is not only our choice. The citizens of Russia are making exactly the same choice right now. These days. During these hours. Between life and slavery. Today. Tomorrow. In the coming week.


This is the time when it is still possible to defeat evil without irreparable losses. When for a position they threaten with dismissal or a paddy wagon, not with the Gulag. With material losses but not with execution. Don't miss this opportunity. Social networks, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and relatives. You must be heard! We, Ukrainians, want peace!

在未發生不可挽回的損失下,這個時刻仍然存在著戰勝邪惡的機會。現在他們威脅要解僱或坐牢(paddy wagon: 警用廂型車) ,仍倘未去到古拉格(蘇聯的監獄和勞改營網絡)的情況。雖然有物質上的損失,但仍未至於死。請不要錯過這個機會,透過社交網路,朋友,熟人,同事和親戚。你們必須被聽到:「我們,烏克蘭人想要和平!」

Citizens of Russia! For you, this is a struggle not only for peace in Ukraine! This is a fight for your country. For the best it had. For the freedom that you have seen. For the wealth that you have felt. If you keep silent now, then only your poverty will speak for you later. And only repression will answer it. Do not be silent!


The Russian servicemen who were taken captive by our defenders started speaking. Hundreds and hundreds of prisoners. Among them are the pilots of the planes that bombed our cities. Our peaceful people. We heard their testimony. We saw the documents. Maps. Plans. Elaborated NOT yesterday. This is NOT improvisation. This is war. They prepared this invasion exactly this way - cruelly, cynically. Consciously violating the rules of war. Therefore, Kharkiv. Therefore, Chernihiv. Therefore, Sumy. Therefore, Mariupol. And many, many other Ukrainian hero cities have faced pure evil. Atrocity. This was planned.


But this will not kill our humanity. Despite everything, we treat war prisoners under the Geneva Convention. Despite everything, our missiles do not hit Russian civilian facilities in response. Or Belarusian. From where rockets fly to our territory every day. Columns of military equipment. Aviation. Against peaceful people. Against peaceful cities. Zhytomyr, Korosten, Ovruch, suburbs of Kyiv, cities in the south... They are preparing to bomb Odesa.

但這不會扼殺我們的人性。 儘管如此,我們還是根據《日內瓦公約》對待戰俘。儘管如此,我們的導彈並沒有攻擊俄羅斯或白羅斯的民用設施作為回應。火箭、軍事裝備縱隊、戰機每天從那裡飛到我們的領土,攻擊和平的人民與和平的城市。日托米爾,科羅斯滕,奧夫魯奇,基輔郊區,南部城市...他們現正準備轟炸敖德薩。

Odesa! Russians have always come to Odesa. They have always felt only warmth in Odesa. Only sincerity. And now what? Bombs against Odesa? Artillery against Odesa? Missiles against Odesa? It will be a war crime. It will be a historical crime.

敖德薩! 俄羅斯人以往總是來敖德薩,他們在敖德薩一直只感到溫暖和真誠。但現在,你們用炸彈襲擊敖德薩?用炮兵攻擊敖德薩?用導彈襲擊敖德薩?這是戰爭罪行,是一項歷史性的罪行。

Ukrainians! We have been fighting for 11 days. For freedom. For the state. We withstood. We already understand how we will rebuild our country. We are already forming special funds for reconstruction. There are already four of them. Fund for the Restoration of Destroyed Property and Infrastructure. Fund for Economic Recovery and Transformation. Public Debt Service and Repayment Fund. Small and Medium Business Support Fund.

烏克蘭! 我們已經為了自由、為了國家戰鬥了十一天。我們仍然撐得住。我們已經知道將要如何重建我們的國家。我們已經設立了四個重建特別基金: 恢復被毀財產和基礎設施基金、經濟復甦和轉型基金、公共債務和償還基金及中小型企業援助基金。

And many more programs to support our people. Heroes who fight for our state. And this is just the beginning. And now we still need strength. Wisdom. Will. Victory. Peace! Peace to save Ukraine.


Glory to Ukraine!



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不負責任翻譯 | 3月6日烏克蘭總統澤連斯基演講全文


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