Genocide? Crimes against humanity? Hoax of the century? Farce of the world?
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The progress of mankind lies in cooperation and competition. Serious misunderstandings and conflicts between the United States and China not only harm the benefits of people in two countries but also affect those of the world. The tragedies of the Korean War and the Vietnam War are vivid. The 15-years-old girl being deceived in the Gulf War, the big lie in the Iraq War - these lessons are still fresh in memory.

The U.S. government claimed genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, and six parliaments followed behind,G7 calls out China over Xinjiang. These have caused racial discrimination, hatred, and violence. Some people have a bit of the excitement of the crusade and Thirty Years' War in Central Europe.

The United States EU and China imposed sanctions on each other. Many countries were involved, and the world was divided and opposed. Speaker of House Representative, Nancy Pelosi, called for a "diplomatic boycott" of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The U.S. Congress held hearings about China, Genocide and The Olympics. The Chinese government protest: “This is the most preposterous lie of the century, an outrageous insult and affront to Chinese people, and a gross breach of international law and basic norms governing international relations.” The two countries are antagonistic. There are calls for a stop to World War III. Some western media and NGOs have reported that Xinjiang had systematic and widespread crimes of human rights violation, including forced organ harvesting, homicide, intentional injury, illegal detention, rapes, torture, forced labor, forced sterilization and contraception, violent interference with freedom of marriage, mass separation of children from parents that Involved more than 20 kinds of crimes in the Chinese criminal law.

Who is telling a big lie? Why is that?

What are the serious consequences?

Pacific Think Tank is the abbreviation of Pacific Research and Education Institute Inc established in 2017. It is an independent, non-partisan public policy research institute engage in China, The United States, Taiwan, and education and has obtained a non-profit organization status 501(c)(3). Mr. Chen Bing is the founder. He had run an enterprise engaged intellectual property and human rights lawyer in China before coming to the U, who has in-depth observation and research on Chinese society. It is normal for people to have different views and even critiques on China's Xinjiang Policy and implementation. However, it is unacceptable to use human empathy to fabricate truths and deceive people. Our research has found relevant news, reports, the government claimed genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang that no information about the perpetrators, and testimonies of the so-called victims and witnesses were contradictory, pornographic, absurd, and obviously false. Some people are still playing with UYGHUR TRIBUNAL in London, and the statements and hearings are full of absurdity and lack of common sense. No crime without a perpetrator. Such inferior deception has fooled so many people of the world? Very simply, shocking! Hard to understand!

We have sufficient evidence and in-depth research to believe that the so-called genocide and crimes against humanity are hoax of the century and international farce that was planned and directed by some people! It is severe destruction to the values and systems of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. It is also a serious strike to the credibility and influence of the U.S.

Regardless of Trump, the Biden administration, related media, many journalists, researchers, experts, scholars, professors, doctors, politicians, and lawyers involved in it. Related personnel neglected, misconduct, or lacked rigor and professionalism. The fundamental reason for the event is that they do not understand history, culture, society, legal environment, the complexity of China, don’t grasp the key issues, lack of analytic judgment and political ideology solidification, too clever, hold on to one's opinion. However, the trick is another matter. On February 8th, we decided and prepared for a public interest lawsuit against the U.S. government and related media which violated the U.S. Constitution and laws and constituted defamation. We requirements them to bear legal responsibility, and relevant government decisions and bills are revoked.

If crimes of serious violations of human rights in Xinjiang are true, the relevant defendants should disclose the information of perpetrators, time, location, evidence of the crimes. We have organized a Chinese lawyer team to provide legal aid to the victims and send the suspects of the crimes to Chinese courts to demonstrate justice. "Victims and witnesses" are welcome to testify in court. They should understand the criminal liability of false testimony.

We have drafted a lawsuit and welcome individuals and companies who are deeply disturbed, troubled, injured or sanctioned by the so-called human rights violations in Xinjiang, and Beijing Winter Olympics supporters to participate in this class action. It is internationally significant and complex litigation. We will hire a team of professional American and Chinese lawyers, which very costly. We ask you to support our litigation and research on public policy and education.

This is a matter of fact and law. It concerns the dignity, justice, and rule of law of the American people, the Chinese people, and the people of the world. Human feelings and intelligence cannot be trampled on.

We use legal means to debunk the scam and put an end to the farce. Victory must belong to the people who pursue the truth, defend justice. We pursue world peace, progress, goodness, and common prosperity!

We are creating and changing history!

Thank you for your participation, support, attention, and forward this message!

Chen Bing researcher and CEO of Pacific Think Tank, contact email: [email redacted]


种族灭绝? 反人类罪?

世纪骗局? 国际闹剧?







太平洋智库是2017年创建的太平洋研究与教育学会的简称,是独立、无党派的公共政策与教育研究机构,从事中国、美中、台湾、教育等问题研究,取得非营利组织501(c)(3)。陈冰先生是太平洋智库的创建人,来美国发展前在中国经营企业,同时从事知识产权、人权律师工作,对中国社会有深度观察研究。人们关注中国新疆政策有不同看法、甚至批评都是正常的,但是,弄虚作假,利用人们的同理心,编造事实,欺骗、戏耍人们是不能接受的。我们研究发现所谓新疆种族灭绝、反人类罪的相关新闻报道、研究报告、政府认定中没有任何具体犯罪作案者的信息,所谓受害人、见证人的证词前后矛盾、色情、荒唐,明显虚假。有人还在伦敦玩“维吾尔特别法庭”, 其声明、听证荒唐、缺乏常识。没有作案者没有犯罪,如此低劣的骗术,忽悠了世界如此多的人?非常简单,非常令人震惊,难于理解!


不论是特朗普、拜登政府,相关欧美媒体, 还是卷入其中的众多记者、研究人员、专家、学者、教授、博士、律师、政客,相关人员渎职,缺乏严谨、专业性与分析判断力。根本原因是他们不了解、理解中国的历史、文化、社会、法律的环境,中国问题的复杂性,也抓不住关键问题 ,缺乏分析判断力,政治思想固化,太聪明了,也太固执己见。恶意为之者,另当别论。二月八日,我们决定就新疆问题公共利益诉讼,起诉美国政府及相关媒体等,违反美国宪法、法律并构成诽谤,要求承担法律责任,相关认定、法案应当撤销。










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