According to sources, free agent Marco intends to join the Los Angeles Lakers with a basic salary.

Next season, the Golden State Warriors, who have a mature tactical system, welcome back Stephen and Klay, and have a second pick; and the Los Angeles Clippers, known as "the league’s strongest paper strength", have also replaced their coaches with the Lakers and LeBron. Tylen Lue, who is all very familiar, takes office, and the Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets, and Portland Trail Blazers are also struggling, looking forward to a comeback in the new year. There is no doubt that the challenges faced by the Zijin Army will inevitably increase, and there are still many things they need to do if they want to break through the western encirclement.

In fact, for last year's Lakers, most of them signed some short-term players. On the one hand, because some players just want to win the championship with a team, on the other hand, the Lakers are fighting for the giants in the offseason. In this case, many players have come to the player option. Rajon, JaVale, Kentavious, and Avery can all choose to become free agents in this year’s offseason; from the current situation, Rondo is getting his first place. After two championships, he will seek a big contract at the end of his career. Now many teams in the league are also willing to offer a big contract; and Kentavious is very eager to stay on the team to win another championship, the same is true for JaVale and Avery.

Judging from the current situation, retaining Anthony with the maximum salary, persuading core rotations such as Dwight, Avery and Kentavious to renew at a fair price, and continuing to upgrade the striker wings and shooters are things the Lakers must be down to earth. On October 22, Beijing time, according to a report by the famous NBA reporter Mike Trudell, sources revealed that free agent Marco intends to join the Los Angeles Lakers with a basic salary.

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