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Metaverse, a competitive field with strategic significance

Recently, Seoul, South Korea, announced the Metaverse city plan. A piece of digital land in the United States was sold for $2.43 million. Japan Softbank invested in Zepeto, the Korean Metaverse virtual social platform. China NetEase CloudMusic completed its first "Metaverse Ring Ceremony". More than 4,000 applications for metaverse trademarks have been filed. News of "Metaverse" has been buzzing around the world from political, industrial and capital circles.

At the top level, South Korea is the sharpest performer, showing strong leadership in alliance building, investment, urban planning. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Information and Communications of Korea initiated the establishment of the Metaverse Alliance. The Ministry of Finance invested 20 million US dollars for platform development. The Education Department of Busan City promotes the application of Metaverse education in an all-round way. The Seoul City Government issued the Five-Year Plan for Metaverse Seoul.

The United States has a deep foundation in basic technology. On the basis of creating the concept of Metaverse in the frontier, it has obvious advantages in computing engine, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital twin and other fields.

China has advantages in full-link exploration and scene collaboration, and is expected to take the lead in creating application ecology. Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, NetEase and other enterprises invest in virtual performance, AR development platform, AI, cloud computing, virtual engine, social game platform and other aspects to promote the exploration of Metaverse full link from front-end research and development to terminal business scene application.

The Metaverse is a competitive field with strategic significance, which involves political security, international division of labor, digital industry replacement and social change. Now is the best time to take the initiative.

At present, the metaverse is in the early stages of social and game application, the technology base and content ecology are not yet mature, and there is no real product landing with scale, so the scene entrance needs to be widened. The ideal state of virtual and practical communication, economic self-harmony and open ecology is still far away from the final full industry and social coverage.

Fortunately, all countries are conducting beneficial exploration through a small incision. Conceptual speculation and irrational heat in the capital market have cooled down. Open cooperation has emerged among countries and enterprises.

For all governments, it is necessary to make good preparations for the supervision of technical standards, laws, regulations, ethics, etc. in advance, and to support the development of the core technology and basic technology of the metaverse, promote the development of metaiverse-related industries and scenarios, and encourage enterprises to carefully develop the metaverse on the basis of fully respecting privacy, fully safeguarding security and fully protecting civilization.


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