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There was a forgetful girl called Suki, she always forgets stuff. 'Don't forget to bring your schoolbag!' 'Don't forget to bring your books!' says her parents EVERYDAY. And she can't read or spell words too.

So she is starting to think that there were problems with her brain. She went to a doctor to check her brain. She has dyslexia!

One day, she finally decided to face dyslexia . Her friends helped her, her parents helped her, her classmates helped her. She started to have good memory. Even better then a normal person!

A few years later (when she is about fifteen years old) , she saw a notice on the notification board, it is a memory competition. She wanted to join. She phoned the company running the competition and she joined it. She still has a few months until the competition. But she already preparing for the competition.

Finally, it is time for the competition. Suki is well prepared. She was nervous. One hour later, it is time to announce the's Suki!

She thanked her friends, family. She had tears in her eyes. When Suki went downstage, her friends asked her,' Have you booked the restaurant yet? Because that restaurant is always full. I have already told you that a week ago.' 'Sorry, I forgot about it.' replied Suki. Suki's friend said 'But I told you to REMEMBER THIS!'

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