BPO Services for 2022

Have you considered outsourcing customer support for your company’s revenue growth? You will not only achieve cost-efficiency but also your profits will be increased as you can avail immense benefits when you will outsource customer support services.


Data Entry Services

In the technology-centered world we live in today, digitization is a necessity for most businesses – irrespective of the industry they operate in. It in fact, goes a long way in determining the long-term operations of organizations. With this in mind, we have built a strong, committed Data Entry Services team that delivers high-end results. What’s more, our highly trained professionals work with advanced tools to help ensure up to 99% accuracy!

BPO Services

Our expert Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services take complete charge of your operations – from Customer Service and Technical Support to Data Management and Billing & Invoicing – enabling streamlined business processes. What’s more, all our BPO services, including Customer Experience and Back-office Support services, are specifically moulded to meet your requirements and business goals.

Back Office Support

We give you the freedom to focus your efforts on what matters most, by taking over your labor-intensive operations. Be it data entry or content creation, photo editing or even order management, we provide expert solutions that can improve bottom-line and bring down operational cost. What’s more, as your partner, we don’t just stop at providing quality support; instead we extend services that deliver a measurable impact.

Customer Support Outsourcing

Organizations around the world work relentlessly to fend off competition and acquire customers. But ensuring that these customers stay loyal is a real challenge. With customer expectations on the rise, customer support services have the power to improve customer retention through effective resolution of queries and issues. Companies have recognized that customer support is not just another cost centre but the face of a company and can help gain competitive advantage.

Inbound Call Center Services

The best way to know your customers is by speaking to them directly. 24/7 inbound voice support is the most effective way of ensuring that your business is ‘always on’. Our voice support services give you an edge over competitors that rely on self-support or automation. Our reputation as one of the leading customer service companies is based on the high-quality, blended call center solutions we provide – inbound, outbound and technical support.

Outbound Call Center Services

Even in the age of internet marketing, outbound dialing is an important part of a company’s marketing and customer service strategy. When done right, it can build valuable and long-term customer relationships. Our outbound support services allow clients to keep in touch proactively with customers and convert customer relationships into tangible business value. We can offer outbound as a standalone service or in conjunction with one or more of our other Call center services: inbound voice support and technical support.

Email Support Services

Whether you’re a fast-growing start-up immersed in product development or a large organization that receives a huge volume of customer enquiries each day, Our email support services can help you take customer satisfaction to the next level. Our email support professionals work like an extension of your team, cutting down email response times from a few hours to a few minutes. . Our process is robust, our technology is advanced, and our team is dynamic. We’re here for you.

Live Chat Support Services

We are premiere outsourcing option for all your live chat support needs. We offer cost-effective, customized global support to ensure that all your client needs are being met in real time. No matter what your industry, our expert team of chat support representatives can help you provide superior customer services and also help convert your website visitors into clients.

Technical Support Services

Without a technical support apparatus in place, your customers are bound to be in chaos! Studies suggest that 64% of customers don’t read the user manual before calling technical support. There will, at any point in time during the day, be someone contacting a company for assistance in understanding or using or troubleshooting a product. If you cannot solve problems or respond to queries proactively and accurately, customer frustration will increase, and brand trust is bound to erode. With our technical support services, your customers can get back to using your product/service in the quickest possible time.

Photo Editing Services

It is a well-documented fact that every customer touchpoint influences the perception of a brand. Businesses therefore need to carefully consider their communications – particularly the visual form – to help deliver the right message to the target audience. In an era where people are exposed to multiple ads and promotions, visuals are a powerful way to engage, convert, and retain customers to drive revenue.

Data Mining Services

We are a trusted provider of web research services for a variety of business purposes. We help clients stay ahead with latest news, trends, events, developments and disruptions in their industry. We aid their business intelligence efforts and facilitate cost effective decision-making.

Content Moderation Services

User-generated content (UGC) is a big ‘win’ for businesses seeking to forge stronger relationships with customers, enhance their brand reputation, and also boost their SEO efforts. It is altruistic to allow consumers to express their opinions and creativity. When linked to a reward system– such as Ford Fiesta’s campaign offering a new Fiesta to 100 industry bloggers – UGC can power your digital marketing and drive early sales.

Outsource Transcription Services

Our expert transcribers are here to convert all your audio and video files to text with 99% accuracy. We are a one-stop transcription services provider for all your transcription needs. Our expert transcribers will convert your seminars, interviews, lectures, conference calls, podcasts etc. into accurate transcripts.

Ecommerce Catalog Management

Your customers expect consistent product information from you. They appreciate rich images that will help them visualize your products clearly. They want to be able to browse various product categories on your website as efficiently as possible. Without ecommerce catalog management, your product database is bound to deteriorate and hamper your business eventually.

Outsourcing Company India

While planning a business expansion strategy have you thought of considering improving customer service as a part of your expansion plan? Well, if you outsource customer support services, you will get immense benefits that will help you in generating more revenue in the market while serving customers better than ever. Learn more about our services -

Photo Retouching Services

People process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Around 65 percent of people are visual learners. Visually compelling products and marketing material not only create a big impact in viewers’ minds but are also likely to be shared on social media. If you seek visual excellence, Our photo retouching services can deliver the highest level of quality, refinements and acuity.

Photo Restoration Services

We are an acknowledged photo restoration specialist offering four distinct photo repair services to individual and business clients alike. Physical photographs can suffer damage due to man-made or environmental reasons. Some simply show the natural effects of aging and need to be revitalized without losing their old-world charm. Our repair experts apply the right tools, experience and skill to salvage damaged or old photographs as well as make enhancements as requested.

Photo Clipping Services

We are sought-after outsourcing company for image clipping services. We have assisted ecommerce companies, apparel stores, fashion houses and product studios. Businesses and professional photographers have relied on our expertise and experience to enhance the look and feel of their images. We also serve the image clipping and improvement needs of portrait photographers looking to present more attractive results to their clients.

Portrait Editing Services

We are a trusted provider of portrait enhancement services with a solid track-record of editing and retouching faces keeping in mind aesthetic value while retaining the unique features that preserve the individuality of the photos’ subjects.

Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Our professional real estate image editing services have been instrumental in influencing buyer decisions and boosted views at property advertisers’ websites. We have also assisted brokers and professional photographers create the desired impact with fascinating pictures that enhance desire and excitement around promoted/listed properties.

Virtual Staging Services

With the world moving to new technological advances, property and real estate businesses have raised their game to Virtual Staging innovations. An empty apartment on a website has lesser appeal than a well-furnished and decorated apartment. We all love a traditional home staging, but there are certain drawbacks that make it difficult to execute.

Photo Manipulation Services

Trupp Global understands the ins and outs of professional photo manipulation. We have assisted businesses and photographers with their creative needs, turning in top-quality work each time and winning a healthy stream of referrals. Our image manipulation services deliver excellent value – don’t expend time and energy on a task that calls for specialized skills and extensive experience.

Image Stitching Services

We provide photo stitching services that create compelling visual experiences online. Whether you’re a real estate broker, property rental service, professional photographer or business owner, leverage our photo stitching skills to show places, businesses and events on the internet in a new, modern way.

3D Floor Plan Rendering

When buying or investing in a new property Floor Plans are considered to be the first step to analyse the property. It is essential when designing and building a home to have a solid Floor Plan. A good floor plan can increase the recreational value of the house by creating a nice flow between spaces and also increase its property value.

Title Search Services

Are you a title company looking for an outsourcing partner to reduce turn-around times, improve productivity and quality, handle sudden volume surges? if yes then Trupp Global – A Title search company, with the required domain expertise, expert title researchers and defined quality processes is the answer.

Document Retrieval Services 

Trupp Global provides Document Retrieval for all land record needs. If the index information is not available for the document desired; our team can research the records to determine its location and deliver the documents to you as quick as possible via e-mail or fax.


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