Grant opportunity: A letter from Paul Salopek

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Hi Everyone,

A novelty: For once, I’m not soliciting money to keep long-form immersive journalism alive—instead, I’m helping give money away to do the same.

The National Geographic Society has just launched a big new Out of Eden Walk-inspired journalism grant to reporters and photographers across the globe who are willing to delve deeply into the turbulent age of migration that we live in. Written or visual storytelling proposals that thoughtfully explore the lives of tens of millions of humans now on the move across the Earth are welcomed. The goal: Using narrative to build a more nuanced and humane understanding of often scapegoated migrant communities.

These are hefty storytelling grants with major expected impacts: They range from $30,000 to $70,000. 

Please share this link with your social networks of journalists. All applicants will be considered. Freelancers will receive moderate priority:

Many thanks, Paul.


Grant description:

“There are over 65 million refugees in the world today and millions more “environmental migrants” are expected over the coming decades. These migrations are challenging social bonds and resource allocations across the world, motivating political agendas and potential backlash, but also creating new and dynamic multicultural communities. The goal of this RFP is to support impactful projects that – through education or storytelling – seek to increase understanding of and acceptance of migrants and migrant communities. Types of human migrations include (but are not limited to) nomadic communities, refugees of all kinds, migrant labor, victims of human trafficking, and people exploring the planet and beyond.”

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