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The Fabricated “I”

There’s two senses of ourselves, or two forms of “I.” One is innate, or instinctual “I,” and the other “I” is imputed or learned through our customary way of viewing ourselves. — The Heart is Noble

The fabricated “I” is the sense of ourselves that is imputed or learned through our customary way of viewing ourselves(i.e. what society tells us about who we are or how we are like/need to become) Especially when we were very young, we learned and imitated whatever we life experienced as we could — without screening/consideration. In fact, even we, the so called matured-experienced adults, are not so confident screening/valuating the overwhelming information/allure we face in every minutes.

Those trivial experience-and-learn process gradually accumulated into who we are/how we are like right now. But, is that so? Are we only the fabricated product of mainstream education/media organization and social habits? No. If we start to find our inner-self, with sufficient genuine self-recognition, we can be interconnected with society and knowledge without being dominated.

There are too many information on the internet teaching self-discovering, so I am not going to cover that part here. Some pithy formula are — Self-denial,(self-denial is not denying our self-identity, it is to give reasonable questioning on what we want/need at the moment) and self-control. One of my favorite self-discovering book is “The heart is noble,” written by the 17th Karmapa, it’s good for understanding ourselves and the world.


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