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Ecommerce 2022: Reforms in eCommerce due to Covid 19


Covid 19 death rates are at their all-time low. The number of daily registered cases has come down by manifolds. The numbers have given us the hope that the world will be back to its pre-pandemic normal once again. A world where masks were limited to the health workers and going out for vacation was a regular affair.

However, the Covid 19 situation has its share of upsides. Tech geeks agree that the digital transformation they have witnessed globally in the past two years would have otherwise taken another decade or so. Work from home is no more a privilege for employees, students are attending classes right from their home. Above all, thousands of local businesses have moved online. The global community of experienced eCommerce development company for this smooth transition. And with that, customers now have access to eCommerce features that weren’t known to the world a couple of years back.

Customized Packaging

Customers relate packaging with the eCommerce brand. The more attractive the packaging looks, the more are the chances that your customers place orders. Customers will feel more valued hence your chances of having a returning customer.

Omnichannel Selling

Establishing an individual business into a complete brand can take several years or decades. One mistake that is most common in bussinesses that fail to make a mark is the lack of effort they put into a multi-channel approach. Online sellers, apart from their dedicated stores should sell on marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy.

The ecommerce app markets have plenty of pre-designed tools to help manage the inventory centrally.

Mobile shopping

Mobile browsing has been winning over desktop for quite some years now and the margin is expected to grow in the coming times. Added to that, Google’s update regarding mobile-first indexing has been a reason, the community of ecommerce website development company are in high demand.

The agencies not only allow help businesses with a highly responsive website but also aid in providing a native app-like feel.

More of AI in eCommerce

Artificial Intelligence isn’t new to the ecommerce industry. Brands have been leveraging the technology to enhance customer experience along with the way products are being suggested. 

3D AR filters are becoming increasingly popular where customers can visualize the final product in their immediate surroundings. AI chatbots are aiding in sales and customer support. Voice recognizing devices are placing orders on behalf of the customers.

Social Media Shops

Prominent social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram have extended their support for online sellers. Sellers can readily create a store and let their customers place orders on the platform itself. 

Isn’t that an efficient way to convert Billions of social media users to your customers? Sure it is, as you will no more be convincing them ad inviting them to an online store. They are already there. 

There is much more to come. Local business owners have already started to sell online. The giants such as Amazon will face stiff competition from the regional eCommerce businesses as the latter can offer same-day delivery. The giants might look for a better presence with local stores.


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