不再美食王, 舊時代的遺物, Web 3.0的新世代, 還有我的一席位嗎?

Cut off all means of retreat?

The market is still very weak and many individual investors are talking about to short the BTC and other altcoins, there's no doubt that the markets are going to have mega crash one day, but the question is that if the other market makers willing to let it happens?

I am wondering if they will try their best to struggle before the mega crash comes, guess they are not happy to let the individual investor to earn money by shorting the future that easy, they should have pull the market up for a while at any price in order to prevent the individual investor make profit.

In this situatiuon, should I buy some tokens at low and wait for the rebound and sell in the coming days or weeks? um...I have hesitation on that but I might finally take action to buy, let's see...


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