不再美食王, 舊時代的遺物, Web 3.0的新世代, 還有我的一席位嗎?

The closer I look, the less I see, that's why I am trying to stay away from the market for now.

Didn't make a post on here Leo for days, needing no bullshit, everyone knows what's going on with the Luna and UST, it's just terrible to seeing the Luna to go nearly 0 when considering it was still at US$80 above 8 days ago.

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Some of Hivers should remember that I was buying Luna in fixed amount daily, obviously this experiment is failed now, I have to admit that, and I am not going to blame anyone including myself, hell if we know the Luna will drop like shit, right? I immediately stopped buying Luna when it started crashing 50% 3 days ago, that's all I can do to stop losing further.

The result could be better if I could realized that there's something wrong with UST and Luna, somehow I didn't sense it and I deserve to suffer total loss on the Luna.

It doesn't matter, I didn't all in on Luna, Luna got 7/8% in my portfolio only, I can earn the money back later.

But I am quitting from the crypto market for a short while, I need to take a rest to walk further, I have been checking the market quite often, even though I only spent few minutes to check every morning, seem it's still too much, I decided to delete all the exchange apps, only keeping the wallets on my phone to make sure my tokens are still there which is enough.

We can only see the picture more clear while we keep distance with the market, the closer we look, the less we can see, it's time to stay away from the market, and waiting to launch a counterattack.


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