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Mission accomplished (Leo Power reached 3 Digits !!)

Been working very hard for nearly 7 weeks, I am happy to see my Leo Power finally reached 3 digits, actually I successfully bought the additional Leo Tokens on Hive-Engine but I didn't power up them to my Leo Power, therefore I say I finally reach 3 digits of Leo Power today as I just power it up minutes ago.

Obviously it's not easy for a newbie on Leo to save up the Leo Token / Leo Power slowly if you never buy some Leo Token on the Hive-engine directly, I think I have made a correct decision as I always buy the Leo Token in good price so far (as least, I though the price is good enough to me and I am not buying them at the highest then it immediately dip)

On the other hand, I mentioned that it's time to buy Hive back as the current price is lower than I sold earlier, and I am surprised to seeing that the market is trying to back uptrend again today? Even with so many negative news on the crypto market? Are they serious?

Just got too many questions in my mind on the market but I better forget it, this is the market, they don't need any reason for going up or down, and they don't even need to give you a notice in advanced.

The good thing is that I did spend 25 HBD for Hive yesterday, and now the Hive is rebounding, at least I bought some Hive back at lower, I am satisfied in this situation.

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