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Li Sa

愛可以改變一切🌈 讓你的愛擴及你的部落 每個人都屬於某一部落 並不一定指原住民部落 那是你靈魂的歸宿

Death over Dinner: Let's talk about Death

Live every day like it's your last!

Who is fear of death?

Those who have never lived are afraid of death.

If you only recognize yourself as this physical body, then you'll be terrified of the vanishing of your or others' physical bodies.

There are lots of people who want to end their pain by suicide failed. Not our desires in our minds nor in our feelings can decide whether to live or to bring an end to our lives.

Either births or deaths follow the best plans of our souls. And the decisions of our souls are always beyond our imaginations.

What's behind the curtain?

For the ones who live in fear, talking about death is difficult. They might even hit the ceiling, since they don't want to be reminded of the true purpose — why do their souls choose to come back to Earth in the first place? Their Egos fear any chances to remember it to the death.

Because their resistances are so intense, they've forgotten who they really are.

In modern society, we usually host the celebrations for the newborns, while deaths are not welcome at all. However, to avoid having any conversations about death is like wearing one sock and forgetting to wear another.

There are benefits of spending time talking about death. We'll cherish the present more as well as the people around us. Whenever someone is one foot in the grave or passes away, his/her families and friends will open up more for each other.They'll go through it hand in hand. And meanwhile, they'll all know what the final wish of their beloved one was.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

In case you're interested in holding conversations of death with your loved ones, but don't know how, you can google 'Death over Dinner' .

If you're suffering from deaths of loved ones, I recommend you to apply one of our spiritual healing programs on our Facebook page. You can also read other posts or join the group. (The group is related to depression.)

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