D.I.Y. Failure - Audio Spectrum Indicator (1) | D.I.Y. 失敗了 - 音樂頻譜顯示燈 (一)

This incident happened about 2 years ago.  While I was shopping for electronics on Tao Bao, I came across a music audio spectrum indicator which I found it kind of cool. So I bought it after a few days of consideration.

>這是兩年前發生的事了.  當時我在淘寶找尋電子零件的時候,見到一套音樂頻譜顯示燈。當時我覺得它十分之酷,在考慮了幾天之後,我把它買了下來。

When it arrived, I realized I made a big mistake: all the tiny components were not put together, instead, they had to be soldered by myself. With my rusty soldering technique, that was a real tough task. I have no choice but did that myself.


Step one was to check if all the components were there. To do this I had to identify all the components first. Since there was no labels on some of them, I had difficulty on doing this. Finally, I had to work with the shop's hotline in order to have all the components identified.


The IC with finest PINs and the USB power supply connector were already soldered. I then start with two other ICs and the switch In the first night.


The second night I worked on some resistors and capacitors.


That was very exhausting as the components were so tiny and took me many effort to soldered them. Although it was smooth until that time, something wrong happened after that. That's what I would share with you next time.



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